What Is Your Internet Connection?

hi all,

i was wondering how much are the prices in other countries for DSL and ADSL internet connections… so if you use one write something about it, including monthly price, speed up/down, is it flat rate or dial-up…


I’m about to get ADSL at my home.

its will cost me:

$80 a month
$129 setup fee
$??? for ADSL modem(router), and filter
12 month contract
512k down, 128k up, static IP
unlimited down,
30mb webspace, 4 gameservers, 20 email addresses (what for???)

This is a good deal. I have done a fair amount of searching…

I live in Canberra (capital of Australia), and all amounts are in AUD. (check out xe.com for exchange rates)

How does this compare??


Edit: whats the diference between DSL and ADSL???

DSL is the family name for digital subscriber lines. ADSL is a subset of DSL - asymmetric. there are other subsets like SDSL, VDSL etc. most common one is ADSL for domestic use.

in singapore, service plans range from fixed flate rates at $30+ USD for 512k/256k unlimited transfer. add about $30 more for a 1.5mb line. the other plans are uninteresting - you pay for what you use, or online times. etc. we only have dynamic ip and about 5 emails. 100mb ftp/web.

In Sweden there are a few different ISPs. I have Bostream’s Scream connection (VDSL):

Setup+modem: 160€
Per month: 45€
Down: 10Mbit
Up: 1Mbit
Unlimited traffic
Static IP

But if I had lived 300 meters closer to the station I would have got 26/10Mbit instead… same price… :(

wow johan, you are a lucky … guy. 10mbit … phew. :D

I got a modem for a few years now, I did not have to pay for it, my DSL-flatrate costs 20 € per month (768/128), the dsl-connection costs something about 12 € (I am not sure about that), and I live in germany.


unlimited transfer
Download speed 100KB (this month they did it 100KB before it was 65KB)
Upload speed 12KB

Price = 42 Cyp pounds = 71.7 EURO = 87.88 USD per month

I have had 10Mbit for about 4 years now. Before I moved to a new appartment I payed about 20€/month. Now in my new appartment I pay about 30€/month.
I have full duplex (both 10Mbit up and down) ;) And no transfer limits.
It is a standard fiber-connection so no modem is needed, I just plug in my TP-cable in to the wall socket ;) Sweden is fantastic when it comes to internet-connections :D I often transfer with speed around 1000kbit/s down and 1000kbit/s up at the same time :lol:

i pay $40 US a month and have a DSL connection

I have cable net.

128/64 kbit/s for about 20 EUR/month. Each friday and weekend I have incredibly slow http, averagely 3 times a week something’s wrong and it doesn’t work at all… :angry: This provider sucks, but there’s nothing better for this price available.

All the problems in Poland are because of only one reason: TPSA. It is the monopolistic telecomunication company in Poland. The only one. All others borrow connections from it. This company sucks as hell, it’s just incredible, but noone can do anything about it :(

ADSL in Estonia

1Mbit up, 256 KBit down,
US$35/mo (add $7/mo if you rent the modem),
Dynamic IP (add $7/mo for static),
No transfer limits,
3-4 fast ftp servers for trading bootlegged movies (provided and endorsed by telcos to keep people from consuming their int’l bandwidth).

Not too bad, not too good, but in recent years prices have been droppin’ and transfer rates a-poppin’, so who knows what the future may bring. :)

8192/1024 ADSL, no setup fee, free ethernet modem, static IP. Pay 65 euros (79 dollars) per month.

Not particularly cheap for Dutch standards, but not too shabby either.

Soon I’ll be able to get Voice over IP here, ditch my regular telephone subscription and save some money in the process.

that’s the full ADSL rate! what kind of speeds do you normally get? I can only connect at about 3Mbps, due to distance from the CO.


i pay about 30 EUR/month for a 600/100 ADSL connection

Italy here…
I’m on Fastweb’s Optic Fiber ( 10Mbt )

A dream for whoever had a slow modem during the bbs age :lol:

B) whoa. FAST. both up/down is full 10mbit? no caps?

that’s going to take some time to get down to the masses :)

that’s the full ADSL rate! what kind of speeds do you normally get? I can only connect at about 3Mbps, due to distance from the CO…

It differs, but when it’s going full throttle on sites like Apple Trailers, I get around 720 kB/s, which is still a good 100 kilobyte below what it “ought to be” or “could be”.

But I guess I’m not close to my CO either. Still, I’m not complaining. B)