What Is Your Scheme For Track Colors?

I’ve never used track colors that much (my bad, don’t do it at home). Now I’m forcing myself in doing it, to keep things organised and because the background on tracks is too cool. Anyway I always wonder if my kicks would be look better in red or yellow and what color to apply to that bass and so on.

What are you people doing? Do you use a standard scheme? Do you use some frequency chart or else to choose colors? Anything?

Joule it up!

I don’t use them, thought the little colored rows on top of the tracks were not distinctive enough to be helpful and looked toy’ish. Now that the complete tracks can be colored I have to try it out again and see if it’ll work in my flow of note event lego.

I use the colour system extensively, and take a lot of time on it while working on the music. Although I don’t use the new background colour feature (which looks cool, but I like my black background), I do spend a lot of time selecting a colour for each track that is appropriate to the sound and emotion going on. The colours then have a re-inspiring effect on me while working on the music, at a subtle objective level, and I have no doubt they cause me to enrich the parts. Certain patterns come out too, usually warm earthy colours for bassy element, and cool colours for higher sounds or ephemeral sounds. I usually make them much more bold than the default colours. And sometimes, for artistic reasons, I’ll make the whole track-set a gradient from one colour to another. It can put me in the right mood for a song.

Only just started on this with the advent of the background colours. For the current song I’ve gone for a rainbow effect, with groups being related to the track colours, but more intensely saturated and with lower transparency so it doesn’t look too gaudy. I’ve a custom multi-band compressor using three send tracks and multi-band sends, which are stark red, orange and yellow for the low, mid and high. Master track is total black. This stands out really well when the other tracks are coloured and looks better than the default white imo.

same here , love the track colours .especially on groups …
Verr y handy

I use the track background colours for groups exclusively, with a background blend of 10. Not too much colours.