What keyboard sizes can y'all reccomend

I wanna buy a better keyboard so that i dont have to use my laptop keyboard all the time. So what sizes of keyboard do you guys use for renoise, do you use the numberpad etc. I’d be super interested to hear your opinions.

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I asked a similar question a few months ago, I had a 60% keyboard and really struggled without the arrow keys. I ended up buying a TKL keyboard and I am happy with my decision. A lot of people advised me to buy a full size keyboard because the numpad can come in handy for certain things. I would say buy a TKL board at the minimum. If you have enough desk space then get a full size keyboard. Just know that you can get by without the numpad.

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I started with full-size and downsized until I reached 60%. You can easily go without a numpad, though you’ll need to rebind a few things. On the other hand, using a 60% with Renoise takes some dedication (I’m used to it, but not as fast as I was). TKL seems like the sweet spot unless you really want all the default bindings. 75% is also an option if you want something a little more compact than TKL.

I use my number pad a lot to change instruments

I would get a TKL at the largest (70% boards are pretty cool too, I currently use the NiZ Atom 82).

Buy a separate numpad, and put it to the right of your mouse, or to the left of your keyboard. Having that numpad attached to the keyboard will split your left/right hands further apart when using your mouse, which will lead to RSI like carpal/ulnar tunnel syndromes, etc.

I love having a numpad, but it’s soooo much better having it split from the main keyboard. Much more ergonomic freedom.

Renoise is perfectly usable without a numpad though if you need to save up some money for a while before getting one. The only thing I ever used my numpad for in Renoise was to change octaves with / and *. I believe there might be another hotkey for octave that doesn’t require a numpad though :open_mouth:

For me, the minimum requirements are:

  • F-keys are separated in the layout, preferrably grouped in 4.
  • Enter key is old style (two rows in height), NOT single row height. This has become an issue with a lot of standard keyboards on the current market.
  • Arrow keys are in a separate group, and are square sized. No shitty half height keys jammed into the layout.

The old and cheap logitech ultrax was a dream to me (discontinued). Now I have to resort to some fancy gamer/programmers keyboard with special switches, or a cheap mushy one from my local store if I’m lucky.

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seem interesting

i use a 60% with arrow keys remapped to the lower right keys and Fn keys remapped to capslock + number key. I am starting to run out of alt+shift+ctrl shortcuts though

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Ducky Channel One 2 Skyline (Cherry MX Brown

What do you think about this one for use wit hLinux
And renoise in particular


brown switches are silent and soft…but not many KBDs use them

there is no click at all

no “hysteresis”

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Great choice IMO.

I have command it

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Order not command

I bought a 49 key MIDI keyboard some years ago and i must admit i haven’t used it a whole lot. One of the reasons is that i’m so used to the keyboard and i rarely do live MIDI recordings. Another reason is that it’s too big and always gets in the way of other stuff on my desk. I think it would have been better for me to go for a smaller 37 or 25 key.

For midi keyboard i have my minibrute from arturia it’s enough for me

Talk about azerty…not MIDI

Sorry but he talk about midi keyboard so i answers him

you don’t need to say “sorry”…:sweat_smile::wink:

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Oki :wink: