What kind of dither Renoise applies?

Not that dithering seems to be a big topic anymore, but what kind of dither exactly is applied by Renoise, if you enable it?

  • Is it noise shaped?
  • does it differ from 16bit vs. 24 bit dithering?

Thanks in advance

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That information would be lowkey useful for me too.

I currently use DMG Audio Limitless as my main Master Limiter, and it has Dithering function. So I usually disable the Renoise one. Would like to know about Renoise Dithering algo so I could choose better.

What I just learned: If you use a plugin for dithering, the plugin has to control the master output gain. If you manipulate the volume afterwards, the dithering will be messed up. So it has to be the very last plugin in the master chain and Renoise master post fader must be at 0dB. So you also cannot use the internal soft clipping option then.

Yeah I also disable the headroom option and leave Limitless at the end of the chain. Master fader remains untouched, at unity.