What Linux Programs Do You Use/recommend

i just installed linux min 4(downloading mint 6 now)

what programs do you use recommend.??


hehe i already installed renoise for linux,as soon as i got linux installed :yeah:

You’re a hero. But I kinda figured tho… still thought I’d mention it ;)
Good luck with the penguin!

so far the penguin is a great x-perience

the only thing i really need to be able to do in linux is

make music in renoise

listen to music

and get the internet working,so i can update stuff

so far the only thing not working is the internet,but luckily i still have my xp partition :yeah:

what audio player can you recommend?

s-n-s I strongly suggest you a out-of-the-box solution such as Ubuntu; it’s far better for beginners, saving you hours of frustration which can be spent understanding Linux better and of course making better music :)

I use rhythmbox as a media player

hi thanx for your concern,but i find linux mint 6,to do all that i really need

I have now checked Linux Mint site and now I see that it is actually an Ubuntu based distro… it’s quite weird that you can’t use Internet with it. Well anyway the Ubuntu hint was useless :)

i installed linux mint 6 yesterday,and my modem got recognised,i found a small tutorial on how to get it properly working,but i still need to look into that though.

but sofar it is a good experience

and as long as renoise runs smooth thats a BIG + :dribble:


NdisWrapper is effectively an open-source driver (technically described as a kernel module) that allows Linux to use standard Windows XP drivers for wireless network devices. You might describe NdisWrapper as being a translation layer between the Linux kernel and the Windows drivers, which can be installed using NdisWrapper’s configuration tools.

than,but is there a way to install this without internet?can i dl it in windows xp,and then move it to linux for install?

The most transparent way to do this if you cannot get it through linux is to format a USB stick to a 16-bit DOS format and then copy the file on the stick, then move it to Linux using the stick.
It can for sure read your USB stick.

Pretty much everything I use: Amarok (player), ZynAddSubFX (softsynth), Renoise and lots of LADSPA stuff, Audacity, JackRack and some others I can’t remember.

renoise, gimp, processing, inkscape, blender, Aterm, firestarter, opera, open office, vlc & a Ton of utilities along with A Ton of libraries and all the gcc compiler stuff for compiliing from source.

def should learn how to use apt (with all the other apt- stuff) from the console/terminal, and then i primarily use synaptic.

it was kinda hard getting Flash & Java installed properly but it does work

still looking for a good mahjong program!

also, it would be a great idea to get acquainted with a linux focused forum. arstechnicas open forum in the linux kung fu section is always good. http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/forums/a/frm/f/96509133


just got home after vacation(10 days without internet)

i will check some of the programs,i got linux mint to recognise my modem,but it cant show my internet provider.

im still looking for a good spectrum analyzer for linux(have just downloadet the sonic visualizer.deb)

and still need to figure out the RT-thread thing in renoise under linux :panic:

EDIT:i also look for a decent sampler,as i dont quite understand how to compile yet,it would be sweet if there was a .deb package.

Video -> VLC
Music -> MPD (Sonata) / Amarok (<version 2)
Net -> Firefox
Torrent -> Transmission

Making Music -> Renoise, freewheeling, Jack rack, sooperlooper, SEQ24, tapeutape, tranches
Making Sound and visual -> Puredata, Chuck, Fluxus

Graphic -> Gimp

And the terminal…

apt-get nerdy girlfriend /whoknows:whento-shutup&whocan:program_better-Than-me

next time i see a shooting star, i know what to wish for. :lol:

Some months a go I failed to install ubuntu :( I got stuck when the readme document came up and I coudlt find a way to proceed.
But I would still like to do it… Maybe tonight. yeah… Would like to try out running Renoise in Linux.

EDIT: I used that WuBi installer, which as they say is the easiest way to install Linux. :S