What Linux Vstis Have You Got Working?

Not regarding the jack/wine/fst stuff going on, here’s a list of which native linux VST instrument plugins I’ve got working and which aren’t:



  • zynaddsubfx
  • VOPM
  • VEX
  • soundcrab
  • synth4

most can be found here: http://www.anticore.org/jucetice/?page_id=8

Anyone else got some to add to the list?

only the mda collection atm, all vsti that i’ve tried crashed, no matter if it’s GUI or sans GUI. Will try downloading the vst SDK and compile some of the myself this week, have only tried binaries til now.

Adxhip is working for me as well. I want to note, though, that anytime I try to load more than 1 VSTi plugin, Renoise crashes.

Wow, I didn’t even know there was an xhip port! Unfortunately it crashes Renoise when trying to play a note here… :(

[edit] Also, trying to load any of the Helix banks found on the net (fxb) crashes Renoise as well… Loading single patches (fxp) seems to work though, maybe I’ll export the banks as single patches at some point, when I bother to boot vista…

@helix patches: i tried something like that. the thing is: the helix linux port is pretty outdated. at the time he ported it it seemingly didn’t have a default bank. so some patches will create a sound which is perhaps with much fantasy somewhere near the “original” patch. but most i tried did produce weird detuned patches/noise etc.

Alright, found something else here. After loading a VST instrument, Renoise crashes when I try to load any other VST, be it an effect or an instrument. It’s always the GUI thread that brings it down.

Damn, where’s you find all those?!


At any rate, creakbox just crashed renoise when trying to open GUI.

Most are over at Jucetice, also some at linux-vst. Xhip are doing betas, and HERCs is talking about doing linux ports as well…

Also, I’ve made a thread over at KVR asking what devs are thinking about linux ports, hopefully generating some attention…

the Mda jx10, dx10, piano & epiano are working very nice for me.

the native renoise dsp effects, really make these shine.

Wow… perhaps I should start developing my VSTs in Juce now that Renoise is Linux friendly :P … as long as what’s GPL stays GPL, I should have no real problems ;)

indeed I hope that the release of Renoise for Linux could be a thrust for developers to release VST plugin for Linux, or at least for some abandoned projects to revamp.

Garritan is working to a Linux port for his forthcoming ARIA sampler, and this is certainly a good news.

I would look into LV2 for linux audio plugin development.

i’m actually testing all vsts plugins that already works with JOST and EnergyXT2 with renoise. It will take some time to debug and smash all the problems around, but i think this can lead to interesting results !

ah, and obviously a great thanx to taktik for doing this incredible piece of work available for linux too !

Sweet kraken, keep on rockin’! :yeah:

I also tried to save the default helix patches in RenoiseWx and load them into RenoiseLx, but no such thing alas. And i have no idea who ported the Helix edition.
But since Helix development is still going at a quick pace, you might get an answer from the original programmer who did the Linux port.

I’ve done the port. But i’ve started it long time ago, and Helix has now quite some new features so there is no way to make windows patches be loaded back into the old version i have ported to linux. Maybe i have to sync again the sourcecode from helix repository and do again a fresh new port based on the latest code.

Anything you manage to do will be very much appreciated! :)

Has anyone had a problem with VSTi’s opening up a window using the window environment (i.e. looking like it’s outside of ReNoise) and acting like renoise isn’t even in charge of it’s actions? This has happened for a couple of VST’s for me.

Is there some kind of command line to stop this?

Well the port so far is a pretty good job as it is one of the fewer stable VST plugins around…
Would love to see the latest synchronized compilation.