What Midi Keyboard Do You Recommand To Control Vsti ?

Hello all :)

I was wondering if you can advice me, because i would like to control my vsti with a midi keyboard such as Novation Remote SL or any other.

(sorry for my poor english)

And thank you for this Great software :)

I like the feel of the keys on my edirol pc-50… but I’m sure you’ll find many good reviews of many different types… its highly subjective… also have a think about how many octaves you want and how much space you have to play with…I would suggest going to a music shop and seeing which ones feel comfortable to you, and perhaps a bit of google research about the average longevity of the ones you like to make sure you’re not buying one that will probably break in 6 months of heavy use…
I would recommend though, if you’re not using an ASIO sound card, to get one first… they’re kinda useless with directsound latency

when not using ASIO, you can always try ASIO4ALL.
It works well, but I did not try it very extensively.

but If you want both a ASIO soundcard and a midi controller,
I could suggest some novation products.
I myself have an X-station, Great device.
but any controller will do. it’s just what feels good for you, has the right buttons and/or sliders you want to use and if it’s your type of money.

be sure to check if the VSTi’s you want to control have MIDI support.
not all have it implented.

I’ve just bought the Novation Nocturn, it’s a cute little midi-controlling thingie. Here’s some of the features, copied and pasted from their website:

Heads-up transparent control GUI

Automap Universal 2.0 provides a transparent control map across your computer screen, so you can see at a glance how every parameter is assigned.

Novation’s unique ‘Speed Dial’

An instant access touch-sensitive control for composers and performers alike, allowing you to take control of whatever your mouse is focused on

It’s relatively cheap, and from what I’ve gathered it’s gotten great reviews

Thank you for your answers :)

I have an Emu X-Board - loads of controller knobs and five octaves of touch sensitive keys with aftertouch.