What Music Hardware Do You Own?

Inspired by the thread ‘What music software do you own?’, I thought it would be fun to do a similar one regarding hardware (sorry if such a thread already exists).

Personally I own the following:
Roland V-Synth
Roland SP-606
Korg M3 w/Radias plug-in
Korg Kaossilator
Yamaha RS7000
Yamaha A3000
Novation KS Rack
Waldorf Blofeld

only 2 midi kontrollers here:

  • Roland 160A keyboard

  • M-audio Evolution uc-17 X-Session.

  • Shure BG 2.0 microphone

  • M-audio Audiophile USB soundcard


Paia Fatman
Roland Alpha Juno 2
Kurzweil K2000R
Kurzweil SP88
Akai S5000
DSI Evolver (tabletop)
E-Mu Virtuoso 2000

Sound processors:
Lexicon MPX-1
Alesis Picoverb
Joe Meek ThreeQ
Alesis 3630

Plus the midi and mixer shit to connect it all together. Also, some guitars and microphones.

M Audio Oxygen 49

Yamaha RS7000

Senheisser Mic E835

Pre Sonus Tube Pre

Tapco 6200B vintage mixer

roland m16 mixer

novation nocturn

novation launchpad

a nice big yamaha keyboard

next thing i will buy is some pedals

Yamaha AN1x
Novation Nova Desktop
Roland SH-09
Korg Electribe EM-1
Kaoss Pad 3

Mixer broke, so I’m not using much hardware until I get it replaced.

I fancy getting a DSI evolver

hmmm…havent had a hardware synth in years.but i have some i guess hardware;
really cheesy guitar
horrible amp(wich is why i use software)
e-mu xboard49
m-audio fast track pro
krk rokit6’s
plan on buying,kore2

sad but true.

2 midi controllers :(

NOrd modular rack
Yamaha a4000
yamaha bass guitar
kenton control freak
sennheiser me 66/k6 mic.
hohner melodica

Korg M3
Emu 1820M
Audio Technica AT4040 mic.
Mackie MR8 monitors.

That’s my setup! A long way from scream tracker, some blown speakers (well… I guess they weren’t blown when I stated using them) and a few mod files that I copied samples from. =)

Weird thing is now that I have hardware and soft synths I seem… so much less creative! (does that make any sense…)

Native Instruments Maschine

Lyon/Washburn electric bass that I am getting ready to learn how to play. Can’t wait to translate what I learn into some tight basslines on Renoise.


Am I the only person who has none?

Nope, you are not alone.

Several traditional Bulgarian wooden flutes, acoustic guitar with two strings (as of now), Zoom H2, and every object in the world I could knock, thump or kick. :)

+aria pro “mad axe” (lol!) fretless bass (manually pulled frets) with the stock pups exchanged for some passive seymour duncan ones
+an old ibby six electric fitted with midi pups
+roland gr 33 guitar synth to go with said midi pickups
+axis 49 harmonic table controller (<3<3<3)
+akai lpd8 controller. never had any knobs to twiddle before i got this one! must say it’s a lot of fun and adds precision that, imo, a mouse can’t replicate. the pads are a bit too insensitive though. anyone know of a brand that you need only touch for midi to register?
+80s pearl kit with a new tama aluminium snare and too few cymbals :<
+80s son of a boogie amp
+a sitar which i havent played for 10 years. i like the sound but the instrument isn’t a good one. would love to play a decent one though!
+moreno nylon acoustic with a nice cutaway

jamming along to tracks is sum srs good fun on bass! i got blisters for doing that the other weekend. (=

good luck with that and be sure to learn to play both with and without a pick!!

I own:

A Korg MicroKorg XL (that I have not yet recorded or MIDI-ed in any way. Need to buy cables. I use it mainly for live playing with my rock/pop fourpiece, Terawatt)

A battered and tuneless Ikea acoustic guitar. It is impossible to play properly, but it is a great tool for getting ideas. I’ve sampled it a few times, but it’s impossible to play a whole song with it.

A cheap, tiny Casio keyboard that runs on batteries. Like the guitar this is a musical toy. Sounds great through my mate’s guitar pedals, though.

A larger Casio keyboard that is a lot less fun than the small one. This is of the wedding entertainer variety (can’t remember what it’s called). Currently it is in storage, but it may return to live use alongside the Korg, for its semi-decent piano sound.

I’d love to buy a cheap electric guitar, but I am not really a guitarist, so it’s going to have to be a really cheap one with my current budget.

hardware can be indeed be inspiring…
i guess it’s healthy with a knobtwiddling “time out” after staring at hex for hours

my first synth was the Korg T3, and then I slowly started to expand the setup…
and, a few years ago my dad (r.i.p.) left me a bunch of stuff from his musician days, basically amps, guitars, effect boxes, and a PA system…

kit list:
Korg Poly-800 mkII
Korg T3
Roland DC-10 Analog Echo
Roland JV-1080 (expanded)
Roland D-10
Roland SC-55
Boss SE-50
Novation Remote 25
DrumKat DK-10
Casio SK-1
MOTU Traveler
ESI Monitors
TC Reverb m300
Hillwood Fullroter
Aphex Easyrider 4 ch. compressor
Ibanez Flying-Pan 777
Vox Wah-Wah
Ibanez Jazz Bass
Ibanez Black Beauty
Aria Pro II (headless)
GTX Strat copy
various hand drums & percussion, flutes, microphones…

other location, at band practice:

  • Ludwig Classic Birch drumkit
  • Old TAMA Kit

and stuck in my old hometown - in lack of enough room where i currently live:

  • huge 32-channel SPIRIT mixer
  • huge PA
  • big Roland electric piano
  • MusicMan 4x10 Valve Combo
  • Sessionate Bass amp
  • Tascam 8 track tape recorder
  • Old Reel tape machine, Tascam

one day… i will build my temple with all of this stuff set up <_<

Edirol FA-101
E-MU 0202

Roland Pcr-200
Novation Remote 25 SL
Alesis Control Pad
Behringer BCF-2000


NADY TCM1050 mic

Beyerdynamic 770 headphones
ESI nEar 08

Commodore 64 (MSSIAH midi interface) as sid synth, Amiga 500 :)

I know exactly what you’re talking about. With all my gear, I hardly get any work done at all.
My dream is to travel back in time and focus all my attention on a setup consisting of:

  • 1 decent analogue synth
  • 1 sampler
  • 1 multieffect processor
  • 1 computer based sequencer

All the options we have today are totally overwhelming. and are - for me at least - a creativity killer.

As far as synths and stuff I don’t have anything. Just my M-Audio FW 410.

But I have some bass gear:

  • 2008 Spector Rebop 4 DLX FM (cherry coloured)
  • ~79 Tokai Hard Puncher (a Japanese Precision Bass copy, a very good one, actually)
  • ~95 GMR Bassforce 5 (currently for sale)
  • Ashdown ABM EVO III 500 (575W of power, lots of connectivity options, neat amp)
  • Ashdown ABM 410 (4x10" speaker set, more than enough for me)

I wish to replace my Bassforce with another 5-string. Probably MusicMan Stingray, or G&L L-2500. I also need a compressor and chorus for the bass. Most probably I’ll get Demeter Compulator and EBS Chorus. But that’s the future.