What % Of Renoisers Make Drum'n'bass You Think?

not sure where to put this but here.
and that’s all kinds by the way, everything from simple chavvy jump-up to inteligent jazzy stuff to old jungle styles…

I reckon that’s 60%

I guess ~3.1415%

I think this is 100% in wrong forumarea

Why so mean? Help the guy out instead.

Like that, I formed his question into nice song:


^^^ LMFAO!!! well played. nice beats too

Which TTS tool did you use?

AT&T Crystal

Going by the number of tunes of that genre in the song download section, butka is a lot closer to the mark, and probably less. When I pop into the song forums to give & try & get some feedback, I rarely come across a D&B song, although I probably don’t frequent it enough to give an accurate opinion.

I personally lean towards the liquid/techy side of the D&B rather than the monotanous clown-step, although I do enjoy a little wobble :rolleyes:
Athough I predominantly write d&b I like to have a stab at other genres, I’m sure the same could be said for others who prefer a different style.