What plugs do you use for ?

Dynamics and FX?

any good ones or free ones? to compliment my awesome DAW ever RENOISE 3?

I got some free plugs from Bluecat http://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Bundle_FreewarePack/

I like their Phaser and Flanger and EQ.

in the land of free compression, my vote goes to roughrider, if you can accept that it will also colour the sound quite a bit in order to obtain that “vintage emu” kinda thingy.

i find it to be especially useful for NY-compression.


awesome Keith, will check it out…

Everything Variety of Sound makes is awesome, but it’s 32 bit only sadly.

Loudmax is a really nice free and easy to use limiter: (win and mac)


TDR Compressor is really nice on the master bus too (win only)


TAL have got some nice FX too (win and mac)


I just use the native maximizer for basic limiting and slight boosting. Maybe doing it wrong but I feel like compressing a lot usually just makes it sound worse anyway. I mean, I do it but I don’t really try to go nuts with it anymore beyond “make it a bit louder without sounding distorted”. TLS pocket limiter is also a good freebie I used to use a lot in FL but I like Renoise’s maximizer and it’s an old 32 bit only plugin in addition to native stuff being more convenient.

Favorite VST effects are Zebrify(use it for chorus a lot as I’m not that fond of the native mod FX), Melda flanger and phaser, AXP Flextron, Voxengo Tube Amp and OldSkoolVerb. All free except Zebrify. CMT bitcrusher is also a really really good free bitcrusher but lofimat is the best I’ve used anyway

I don’t use the free ones anymore because I bought some Melda Production plugins (they have a FreeEffectsBundle, but I upgraded it). I consider it low cost and very good. I like mainly the tremolo effect.

In Renoise scope, I prefer to work with the native ones. They’re pretty good. The only one I still prefer from Melda is their convolution reverb (MMultiBandConvolution). I think it’s faster to work than the Convolver from Renoise.

I like very much of Supercharger GT from Native Instruments for compressing with some saturation. It not cheap, though.

But for “free”, the only plugins I’d recommend is epicVerb from Variety of Sound (yeah, it is that good, IMHO. I even bridged it for keep using it till I buy MMultiBandConvolution) and FreeEffectsBundle from Melda Production (for the FX). The others are just more of the same. It will not be easy to find something free that is superior to what Renoise already offers. +1 to TDR Compressors too. They offer some extra controls than Renoise’s native, indeed.

By the way, I am not very much of electronic music. I’m actually “becoming electronic” yet. I use synth and fx a lot, but mostly for other styles (funk, jazz, samba, pop, rock etc.). I think it is good to know my references for pondering about my opinion.

It depends on machine…

With windows or mac i use a lot of VST.
With Linux i am limited so i have to think much more…

But there are some that i would recommend you because renoise doesnt have them.

  1. Linear phase EQ - SplineEQ that is free or DDMF CM pack that you can buy with any computer music (and you will get a lot of other amazing plugins as well - these with CM…)

1a) Mastering Eq - SlickEQ by TDR and VOS

  1. Good exciter / saturator / soft distortion - Premix CM, Satson CM, ReFine by Lkjb.
  2. Refine by LJKB :smiley:
  3. Good Chorus - the new chorus by acon digital - amazing and free!
  4. Multiband Dynamics - Nova47p by VladG, amazing parameter eq / dynamic eq / multiband compressor
  5. Good Compressor without coloring - tdr feedback compressor, safe compressor or
  6. good compressor with colouring - molot, fatfet CM, roughrider etc
  7. good mastering limiter - Tonebooster barricade CM, limiter no6, loudmax or maxwell smart.

These are just my tips. I´ve tried almost every plugin that were released for free or with a magazine in the last three years so i hope that it will be useful for you :-).
I dont talk about commercial plugins, there is gearslutz for it :slight_smile:

Because i use linux now i´ve selected just the essentials ones, for me these are: nova67-p, refine, barricade CM… For everything else i have Renoise and Mixbus for a while :slight_smile:

(and yes, melda (free) pack is pretty amazing. Every plugin is professional and autopitch is nice free autotune :-))

Especially for Renoise a small but very efficient tool is voxengo msed (mid side editor).

You can insert it e.g. a send tracks and e.g. mute or modify the mid/side signal without altering the phase.

Much much better than most of the stereo enhancers like stereox

Other than that:

I fully agree to TDR Compressor II.

Dynamics and FX?

I really like Density Mk3 for compression, you can also sidechain with it. http://varietyofsound.wordpress.com/downloads/

EpicVerb too is pretty awesome.

And my general fav plugins are the Soundhack ones and the ones by Delamancha http://delamanchavst.wordpress.com/


I like all of them. Insanely powerful once you go deep.