What! Renoise Need Sse !

You are just telling me that I have to buy a new processor whereas I allready have to pay again for my licence!
Urg you want me to starve the two next month.
Two bad news in two days, I’m a bit desapointed…

Well it’s not exactly brand new technology that requires a lot of investments, any Intel PIII and up or AMD Athlon 4 and up supports SSE.
And a PIII is the recommended minimum as well.
If you have an AMD falling in the SSE supporting category, you might have to enable SSE first (as the chipmakers assume you use 3Dnow instead), links to the tools allowing you to enable this are mentioned in the pinned topics.

I have try this, but my athlon 1.2 doesn’t have sse support… so…

1.8 even runs on my lil’ P3-866mhz.
you gotta love INTEL, u know ;)

on serious note, what motherboard are you using?
upgrading to a palomino based Athlon XP (the 1st one to support SSE) will cure your problem, and those CPUs are meanwhile available on ebay for around 1 - 20 EUR.
should be affordable for anyone being able to pay the electricity bill.

A quick Google search results in:


Does this help?

Also, scroll to the bottom of this Renoise thread for more tips.

Yeah, but on the other hand, you won’t be able to do much with that CPU anyway. Most of my tunes are on the edge of choking on my Pentium M730 (1.6 GHz)… Having some VSTs sampled helps much. You gotta love the Render selection option! It was one of the main reasons I registered in the first place (of course not mentioning feeling that I owe something to the devs for what they equipped me with).

And Tpcn, to be honest, you can easily stick with the old version (like: the one you didn’t leak to anybody).

Progress is inevitable. And I like that. Like Keith said, SSE is definitely not cutting edge by now and utilizing it makes some algorithms way easier. And even for those that actually get more complicated, the performance gain is in the end the most important factor.

Sure, it would not be the same case if taktik came and said: from now on, only Direct X 10 gfx cards, 24bit soundcards and dual core CPUs on 2GB RAM machines are compatible with Renoise. Then, even if it would mean that Renoise could virtually read your mind, many people would complain (me included :lol: ). But come on! SSE is 7 years old.

sounds like Karma is having her way with you Tcpn, time to go do some good deeds!

why don’t you keep on using RNS1.5 until you get a new CPU? You used it until now, so you’ll probably be able to keep on.

no offence intended, I’m serious about what I’ve wrote

for the same reasons we use car instead of horses! wash machine instead of hands+ soap, microwave instead of fire ect…

It a human madness i think

To drive cars you need better roads,
to get a wash machine you need new factories that make them and a power grid to use them…

Well then you know that a car runs better on petrol than water and hay but this difference is a bit too emphasised.
But if a car’s engine improves, it usually runs better because the fuels and oils have been developed better as well and allow engines to be improved more tight and narrow than with the more poluted oils.
You can nowadays not run cars on leaded petrols because you can’t buy those types of petrol anymore but also simply because those cars aren’t manufactured anymore either.
If you have a PC over 7 years old, i wonder how you can run XP on it because machines from that time could address at most 256MB if you had a top-off-the bill mainboard and the momney to spend on so much memory at that time. (Win’98 could not even address above 128MB).

Last week I set up winxp on a 10 years old computer with 64mb.
You only have to tweak xp a bit and drop every unusefull processes before install it. I wonder how you can use a normal xp version and don’t have a nervous breakdown. There is somewhere on the web a win xp who take only 128 mb on your hardrive and work perfectly. Make your own with renoise preinstallation if you want
to. just use this freeware: nLite