What sample rate do you work at, and how do you downsample?

I’ve been working in 24 bit and 44.1, and dithering to 16 bit for the master. I am considering working in 96 or higher.

Should I? Is it worth it? Do you? If you do, how do you downsample? I assume you need to downsample to 44.1 and 16 bit… is this still the case?

I would expect no benefit to higher sample rates, but it will take up CPU resources that are better spent elsewhere. The internal representation is (I think) 32-bit regardless. Not sure if that’s different for the 64-bit version.

If you’re releasing onto a cd, I think most streaming will accept higher sample & bitrates, I know bandcamp does. Right now I render tracks to 48000Hz, 32 bit depth though actual used samples can be lower in quality. Have yet to create something in which all the source sounds are of the same quality as the output quality.

Yes, that was kind of the basis to my question. I am not releasing to cd…

but basically, even during mastering you just leave it @ 48, and 32? You don’t even bother with downsampling and dithering at all?

I work at 44.1/48 because of cpu limitation. More fx and instruments possible than with higher rate.

The result I render at 192k/32bit. It is superior sound quality. Then I convert that file to whatever format I want.