"what sound is this" kind of questions

Hi all,

where is a good forum to ask “what sound is this” kind of questions? Here at Renoise forum or somewhere else?

I am a newbie and having trouble finding the sounds I want in my instruments (I have KOMPLETE 12 SELECT which came with NI Maschine). For example I wonder what this accordion like sound is (I believe it is a classic)

at 01:22.


That kind of sound could be an accordion, or a harmonica, or a melodica, with varying levels of tweaking to each of those instruments to get the finished result.

It could also be a brass instrument, also with tweaking. It does sound at least accordion-like, so why not start with an accordion sample and try to get it to match? You’ll end up learning more if you do it that way instead of just trying to cop the exact type of sample right off the bat.

Thanks Orrigans. What would be your first go-to tweaks/filters when trying to transform the sound?

Off the top of my head I’d take my accordion sample, resample it as a one-shot minor chord just cause I like to work that way, then I’d mess around with a band pass filter and some delay. That would get you close. Maybe try low and high pass filters as well.

Considering it’s a dub track, you could look into sampling a melodica sound from someone like Augustus Pablo and then pitching it down to get it in the same octave as the reference track. There are plenty of melodica chord stabs and riffs in dub reggae for you to play around with if you want to.