What Soundcard?

What soundcard is the best to use with Renoise and Windows XP ?

Is there any difference in latency and stuff with different cards?


whats your budget? if you dont want spend much then m-audio audiophile 24/96 is popular choice… if you want 192 Khz sampling freq support or balanced outputs then check out m-audio audiophile 192

i have audiophile 192 and its quite OK card

if money is not an issue to you then check out lynx two

Is that card better than SB Audigy? I really need to find a way to work better in Renoise. My AMD3200+ with 1 gig memory isnt enough (and SB Audigy). I cant listen to the whole mix, and it makes me so irritated. I’m gonna upgrader my computer, mostly for making music in Renoise and I’m wondering what I should get.

I think a new AMD is my choise. Anyone who can recommend a new cpu that will work good with Renoise?


are you using a lot of vst-s? cause athlon 64 3200+ with 1 gig ram is quite OK setup. I have athlon 64 3500+ (slightly OC-d) with 1 gig ram and i can play all my songs very nicely…

if you mean audigy 1 then definately audiophile cards are better… if you mean audigy 2 then they are still better but i woudnt say that the difference is that huge (i have both audigy 2 and audiophile 192 and i have A/B them in terms of sound quality)

you might want to try the esi cards as well www.esi-pro.com

I have an ESI Juli@ 24/192

runs great for the price…