What Speakers/monitors Are You Using :)

I’m using AIWA JAX-E3 mini hi-fi set. :wacko:

Heh! :D Well, u just have to try them out 4 your self. ;)

Are you planning to buy a pair? because your music is very neat!
I’m not saying that the mixing is bad, I think you are very used to the sound of those speakers, but it will open a world for you, with a pair of monitor speakers. at least for me it did.

I was very used to Bose speakers, and those speakers color the sound like crasy to get a nice warm filled-in sound for the living room
But for mixing it took away a lot to hear…just think about it.

Man… I’m simply dreaming of professional equipement, but I’m dependant on my dad. It’s true that he has money for a few things, but even cheap monitors are a bit too much to ask for.

Heh… There are so many things I need. For my 18th birthday to come I will MAYBE get a new soundcard. Besides I’d really love to have a pre-amp and a good microphone to record my clarinet for my music, quiet cooling for my computer would be cool too… But there’s no way to get this stuff yet.

Dynaudio Acoustics BM 5A

Why not got with Dynaudio Acoustics, such as the BM 15A? Beats the HR824s any day, and if you’re rich, well, you shouldn’t have to worry that they’re about 750 euros more expensive. :P

Currently using Mackie HR-824’s. BEST dynamic near field speakers flat out in the home studio price range. Here is a pic of my studio with the mackies.

Save your money and get these fantastic speakers. They will last you for many years.


nice setup!

nice setup indeed… :)

are you lefthanded?

damn, that CD-Rack on the right is great! cough


Canton Ergo 122DC
250W RMS
20 - 30000 Hz


Yamaha YST-SW300
185W RMS
30 - 200 Hz

Left handed indeed :D

ROFL :lol:

Nice setup indeed. Though I can’t help but notice that the monitors are turned inwards far too much. You’d really have to be glued to the monitor to get a good picture of the sound, not that HR824s have all that great stereo imaging anyway. Still, you should be the same distance from each speaker as the speakers are spaced apart.

Thanks Atlantis,

but I’m very well aware of near field positions. They were moved just for a better studio photo.


Alright, didn’t mean to offend. :)

Naw, you didnt :)

I myself use a pair of sturdy “multimedia-speaker”. Good sound except for
treble and bass. It has good “plastic ringing” sound, which will come back in fashion very soon.
Here is picture of my studio:

Just kidding guys :D

Haha this is actually NOT my workplace I found it on the net, mine is eh MUCH nicer :D thinks about removing alot of papers, 2 teacups, CDs and a cola bottle


Mike SWE: Nice studio you have there… :D

and y the way… your avatar starts to hurt me… :)

Mike_SWE: You should replace your mouse with a more approptiate one :D