What Speakers/monitors Are You Using :)

We have a thread about soundcards so i thought we can add one about speakers :)

I use right now “logitech z-2200”

Very decent multimedia speakers, especially considering the price… good bass, clear highs, maybe mids could be little better… Although they are multimedia speakers i think they are pretty good choice for the amateurs who have low budget.

Maybe i will buy an actual good nearfield monitors some day, if i will get rich :)

Currently using Alesis M1 Active MkII’s, which I’ve been very happy with so far.

I would like to one day (when I’m a rich bugger) have some Mackie HR824’s.


if i would have more money i think i would give a try to that system


i’ll keep that in mind when i will start building a house… ;)

Just got myself some Tannoy Reveal Passives, running through a Cambridge A5 amp. Don`t know how flat the frequency of the A5 is but this setup is infinitely better than my old home hifi.

The only thing I could do with now is a new soundcard (running on an onboard at the mo) and Im sure that will be more than enough for my current needs. Although something similar to those Mackies, Blueskys or maybe some Genelecs are sure to tempt me in the future… :)

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I compose mostley on a headset and after that I monitor the sound on Yamaha NS10m Studio (Nearfield monitors) these are really cheap monitors ($300) but very hard to find. It took me 6 months to find someone who’d sell them. They are not for pleasure listing tough but to get your mix right. If I had the money I would go for Mackie HR 624 and if I had a big room the HR 824 to have that full rich sound.

i’ve got the passive ones, and as i first plugged them in and listened to them i was so surprised, i just sat for days in front of em listening to stuff. (music, movies, etc… )

I’ve got active Alesis M1 MkII’s. They’re not really transparent, favouring the bass a bit too much (atleast these do), but it’s been easy to account for that when mixing, so I’m very happy with them.

Creative Cambridge Soundworks SW310 2.1. Works fine… But I want awesome sound!! :rolleyes:

I’m looking at the Event TR8s and (again) the KRK RP8s. The Events will probably win out.

Alesis M1 Active MkII’s here also.

Yeah they favouring the bass a bit, but wholeother freq range is greatly flat.
And you can always plug phase-invertor holes at front panel, to adjust lows.

Fostex PM05 here… and decently happy with em! :)

:blink: :o :ph34r: holy shit…

I had the Tannoy reveals also, very impressive for that price.
but I needed some more bass so I bought a set of Genelecs 1031A’s
I never want something else anymore (didn’t hear the 8000 series yet, anyone?)

Cambridge Microworks speakerset. Very good sound. I use this set over 6 years now…

Yes they do seem to be slightly bass light but as you say for the price impressive. Happy for the mo.

Refuse to check out any genelecs yet due to fear of extra gear lust! :D

Hm… check my signature. ;)

ESI nEar 05 is the best set of nearfield monitors for 350$ you can get, and if you throw in the subwoofer (same price as the monitors)… :)

To Bonus Ninja…

little offtopic but i just wanted to ask you about keystation 49e…
is it any good?


Yes yes, it’s great! I highly recommend it - actually I recommend all M-Audio keyboard on the market EXCEPT the Evolution-series; it sucks big time!

Really?? Interesting… I heard the exact opposite… that evolution is better. Someone even said, that he hopes M-Audio wont scew up te evolution series (now that evolution belongs to M-Audio…)

And if you look at the M-Audio webpage then evolution is under “Advanced MIDI Controllers” while m-audio keyboards under “MIDI Controllers for Every Need”

dunno though… what is true. :unsure: