What The Best Way To Get That Sort Of Off-Time Clap Sound?

I’ve been trying to make my beats a little more shuffly/off-time, but i’m having trouble with claps.

I’ve tried putting multiple samples in a channel and delaying each, but it just doesn’t sound quite right.

Anyone got any tips for this sort of thing?

Here’s some examples of what I’m trying to go for:
Flying Lotus - Pet Monster Shotglass

2562 - Fever

I’ve tried to achieve the same thing, although I’ve never had complete success so I’m curious to see what other people think. The two main things I’ve had luck with:

  • use different panning and EQ on each sample
  • use snippets of reversed clap samples to give short pickups to the claps

Aren´t you sweet :) If you figure out how to do anything like flying lotus, let me know :)

Try importing the track as a sample in Renoise, trim it to a part that has mostly beats, and set the BPM to about 188. Not just the clap is off-beat, also the bassdrum-ish ‘plop’ and everything else is just a little off at times. It looks to me as if the clap often starts early.
And the clap is definately several samples with varying start times.

Just sounds like a lazy flam to me, using 2 or 3 clap / snare samples triggered close together and a little behind the beat. I think you’re barking up the right tree with the delay column, just make sure you’re using a sufficiently high LPB / BPM. I’d suggest using an 808 snare lower down in the mix to add some sluggish snap and body either a couple of milliseconds before or after the clap itself

This is the most effective way if you’re throwing your samples all together. You can also delay the track by a few ms if you want.