What the hell is wrong with the metronome?

I’ve seen the countless memes asking for a better metronome…
The metronome in renoise does click and does clook.
What else should a metronomes do ?

(but that’s the same people who want a piano roll so…)


The metronome should provide patterns on par with Autechre’s more rhythmic works /s

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :rofl:

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needs gantz graf mode

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absolutely! And can it be rendered as a sample? :smiley:

The metronome needs a shuffle/swing/humanize option… :laughing:


Pretty sure most of those requests have to do with the lack of a volume setting.

It’s very convenient to have in S1 (my main DAW).

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A VOLUME CONTROL for the metronome in song settings, gsus x! Plus hold down drag on Metronome Button to set volume.

These people could use any sound they like as a metronome.

  1. Add a metronome instrument with a UREI click sample or something
  2. Add a looping phrase with the beat pattern you want
  3. Stick the phrase in the first pattern of a “metronome” track
  4. Profit

The only thing it doesn’t handle is count-ins, but the existing metronome handles that more or less fine.

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where has this been all my life? :poop:

I thought it was just a meme

Indeed, I could add my own metronome to my song template. But it is a workaround, and we don’t like workarounds.

Do you have any neato metronome sounds for me? I want the cubase one.

On a sidenote: I find the current metronome lacking of a volume control an annoying problem actually. Usually my songs are mixed very quietly, and then I amplify on the master a lot. If I now enable the metronome, it is so extremely loud. I don’t care for gain staging at all, since the level meters do not seem to be too accurate anyway.

I don’t have the Cubase click, but the UREI click cuts through basically anything, and it has basically no tail, so it marks the time without covering/coloring anything else:

UREI Click.xrni (2.8 KB)

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Interesting frequency spectrum that click has.
Depending on the musical material, a tonal or atonal metronome click can be helpful.

Honestly though once I have enough of the track built up I turn the metronome off. Anyone out there use the metronome once they got some drums down or some riffs? Not being snarky. I could see if you got some real wild tempo shift stuff or big soindscapy stuff but you know hey just curious.

Somewhere in the Renoise files there is the metronome sound wav, iirc - one could edit or replace that.