What To Do For Monitors With Limited Budget

Hey, I know I am going to get some people on my case saying monitors are the only way to go…my budget unfortunately has no room for monitors at the moment. So what does one do in this case…I understand why they are important, does getting your mix to sound good on crappy pc speakers help? I compose different forms of dance music if that helps answer the question. You guys always give me great feedback so I am thanking you in advance. :)

Aim to save. What is your projected budget?

There are bucket loads on threads on this subject, maybe you’d like to do a search?

My mixes got dramatically better when I bought a good pair of headphones (Beyer Dynamic DT 770 PRO/80).

The important thing, whether it is headphones or studio monitors, is that the frequency range is accurate, true. If you spend $200 bucks on a pair of real STUDIO headphones at guitar-center (NOT DJ headphones, they are optimized differently, for live performance to compete with PA systems running at the same time, live – you want STUDIO headphones), that can work just as well as more expensive powered studio monitors, making your mixes a lot better. Of course the advantage to monitors is that you don’t have earphones on and can have others listen to what you are doing at the same time at the same quality, but headphones are very convenient for late at night!

with a limited budget, you must get scientific…

put your tune on a usb stick and head to your local elecronics store or department. find the stereos with the usb.

if anyone hassles you just say, you’re window shopping.

car audio places too. if you are in america go to walmart’s car audio area and play it Loud* in the middle of the night. they probably won’t care.
plus if you break the stuff, it’s not like it probably wasn’t already broken before you got there. :D

the scientific part is figuring out how gauge how it sounded on all of the systems combined.

Yeah, that’s good too, it’s always good to try things out on several systems.

Thx guys! Do any of you if its true that some notes work better in clubs than others? I was reading that many dnb tunes are written in keys like f and g as these low notes are heard more clearly is true?

I don’t know. But my voice sounds good in g because of my range, I can hit a low g well and still have room for quite a range up high, too, but if the key is higher or lower I don’t have quite the range. I do find that bas sounds, low synth sounds, do sound good down towards the low g, also, but I just let my ear tell me what works for a given piece.

yo man, not saying my mixes are amazing, but i too can not afford monitors right now, and i don’t have the heart to settle for cheaper monitors than the ones i want (adam a7’s). right now i’m mixing in an old set of hitachi home theatre speakers (the old ones that used to come in brown wooden casings). they are definitely not the best, but they aren’t horrible either, and i paid 10 bucks for them at a thrift store. in mixing, what it comes down to is 2 things: knowing your monitors, and knowing your room. you could have the greatest monitors in the world but your mixes would still suck if you didn’t “know” these 2 things. what i mean is know where frequencies are boosted and cut in both your monitors and your room. if you can master this, you can compensate for it, and therefore practically mix on any set of speakers around. for example, i know my speakers “colour” the low end around 200 hz, so i make up for it by making sure my mixes “lack” in the low end on these speakers. if you get to know exactly how your speakers sound, you can mix on them no problem. the benefit of getting good monitors is simply that they have the most flat frequency response, and therefore what sounds good on those speakers is pretty close to what sounds good on a good majority of speakers, where on crappy speakers if your mix sounds good on them, it could sound horrible on another set. hope this helps!

How can you tell without monitor speakers?

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