What To Do With This Crud?

Here is some poop that I pooped out around February. I’m no good at finishing ideas, only starting them. Anybody feel like helping a retarded brotha out and telling me what you’d do if you were me? How would you end it, blah?


I’d provide the XRNS, but it depends upon one VST – Synth1, well-known free instrument. I can still post dat if it would benefit someone.

Post the XRNS. I think most people will have Synth1, and if they don’t then they can easily get it.

Requires Synth1

Somehow, I have the feeling that the track needs vocals. If I could sing, I would add vocals to your track :)
Hell, if you can’t sing either, write some lyrics and get someone else to do the vocals?

Whenever I’ve done this (I’ve got a vocalist friend), the music goes into places I hadn’t thought of.

and epicverb! http://varietyofsound.wordpress.com/downloads/

Maybe I’ll experiment with some vocals, then. My problem with finishing tends to be horizontal, not vertical (i.e. structure, not layers) – at least from my own point of view. But playing with vocals may inspire structural ideas.

Crapshitte!! Thank you for pointing that out.

no biggie, everybody needs these VSTs so I consider it a plus :D

and regarding vertical/horizontal… if it’s any consolation, I used to be totally fucking useless for many, many years, and while these days I still don’t have stuff like “bridge” and “chorus 2”, some feeling for structure came along the way and I can’t tell you how, just by continuing to make music that had no structure (which isn’t to say don’t go for vocals, just blabbering, because layering stuff on top of a basic melody used to be my modus operandi for sooo long haha…)