What to save?

i have a situation in a first day of using redux with maschine…

lets say i have a song using 16instances of redux running, starting with draw sample instruments to larger chopped bits, i saved none of xrni just saved maschine native project file. tried to make few songs, everything seems to be working for now, so where is those samples stored? do i will be safe if i want to carry my project from studio pc to laptop having only maschine project file and redux into vst folder on both maschines, or eventually i will lose those samples inside redux if i did not saved xrni?

i know with renoise was safe as bank carrying absolute everything in xrns project file.

does saving project in other hosts will work same way? did not saved any xrni, only host project file? where those files are holding?

tl;dr — You have nothing to worry about. All of Redux’s data is safely stored within the host’s project file, which you can transfer to a different computer.

When you’re actively using the plugin, all of the data in its current state — program name, parameter settings, phrases, loaded samples, etc — is stored within Redux as a binary “chunk”.

When the host saves the project file, it makes a request to Redux (or any other VST really) to grab this “chunk” of data, and then it stashes that data somewhere within the project file.

When you reload the project later, the host creates a new instance of Redux, takes the chunk of program data it stashed in its project file, then it passes that data into the plugin to restore the working state you had before.

Essentially, it’s acting like you had manually saved and loaded the program data (i.e. the XRNI) yourself, but it takes care of this automatically for you.

It should therefore be perfectly safe to just save the project file and move it to another computer.

It should therefore be perfectly safe to just save the project file and move it to another computer.

sweet, that is just perfect handling, actually better that native “save with samples” option :drummer: B)

Sorry for necro-bumping this, but is there a way to disable that? The issue with Mixbus and Ardour is, that the hosts session-xml file becomes rather large (in my case 100 MB) and every time, the host does auto-saving, it has to squeeze that data out on the disk and the GUI hangs for a second. Also, Ardour and Mixbus keep a number of prior session files in a backup folder. This means n x 100 MB in my case of “wasted” disk space. For me, it is totally sufficient if my patch is stored and loaded from the User Library folder.


Another necro-bump from an Ardour user, I am also looking for a possible solution to this.

It would be very convenient if the settings had the ability to disable bundling samples into the project.
So that when this option is activated, the xrni file opens when starting Redux and the folders for searching xrni can also be configured in the settings.