What tracker music 'proper' are you interneting? Any?

i like this, it sounds like a video game ate and barfed up prince and p-funk. and maybe some cheese jazz/funk but, yup.

That’s a nice one, hadn’t heard that before.

I keep coming back to this tune…

Ah! Purple Motion… one of my heroes back in the old-school scener days.

Purple Motion, aka Jonne Valtonen, is still very active as a professional composer/producer. It’s easy to sense his old demoscene vibes even in recent tracks like this one:



But to answer the OP question, I can’t ever get tired of this Amiga MOD classic:



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Not sure what you mean by ‘tracker music proper’ … just music written entirely in a tracker? I understand that Amiga Breaks is this …

Here’s the tune ‘Miso Ramen’ off his January 2016 release ‘Journey’s End’:https://darktildawnrecords.bandcamp.com/track/miso-ramen

Or perhaps a little Saskrotch to rock the house?


These guys are really awesome. They combine their modern music with sounds of their C64 breadboxes and old Game Boys:

But for pure tracker music this is one of my favorites (Octamed on an Amiga):