What Video Mode Is Faster,full Screen Or Windowed?

i`ve PIII1200/512mb and ati radeon 7500 pro 64mb.

As Renoise doesn’t use DirectX for displaying the contents, it doesn’t matter which mode you use.

not quite right.

Renoise does use directx.

Full-Screen mode is a exclusive one, so expect the GUI to be more snappy™. Furthermore 16Bit display a bit faster then 32bit mode.

Interesting question. I’ve always used Renoise in window-mode myself because I love alt-tab. Would be interesting to see what the cpu usage difference is in a high load situation.

I’ve made a thread about similar matter a while ago (see my third post).
It was more about the graphics, at least in that case.


thsio amkees me hoppy!!

this theoritically could mean that in 16bit mode with fullscreen mode i could actually use renoise again on my thinkpad!!

There are some things that are not taken into account when cpu consumption.

I quote Taktik here directly (from a backstage discussion!)

Also, your graphics card will take a lot more in account for the CPU if you run Renoise Fullscreen.
And your CPU will spend less on background processes if Renoise runs fullscreen.

The only downside may be that CPU load on VST plugins may drop as well, this means you have to decide how to let Windows balance your CPU power across background and foreground processes.

Windowed mode feels faster on OS X, am I full of placebo?

Isn’t audio considered as a background proces in windows, so optimising it for background services instead of programs in the advanced settings tab should benefit renoise?