What Vsts Do You Use ?

This is a little call for help.

I would like to ask you if you can drop me a list of the freeware VSTs (instruments and effects) that you use often or consider to be a must-have.

if possible, include the name of the plug, the page where you got it from and a description of what it does, that would be great.

send the list to me, would be much of a help.

I think your direct email link requires some editing - http://mailto: doesn’t work very good :)

mhh, seems the board added that itself. fixed now ;)

Hmm, I just refreshed this page and the link still begins with http://mailto: - perhaps the forum doesn’t support mailto: links at all?

By the way - I just emailed you my list of essentials. Don’t get scared, it’s a bit long :rolleyes:

I’m interested to know it too but in this forum !!

Thanks ! :huh:

Looza: please post a ‘combined’ list of what you get via email every now and then in this forum, pls, ok??


You can also post the list here if the mail link is not working or if you for some reason don’t want to mail.

If you feel the list is very long, post your top 10 VSTs instead.

works now, sorry, sorry.

yes, I can post lists regularly, no problem. and with the free vst-site-list, we comb those also at the moment :D

This could be something for Jabbanoising - to have a comprehensive, categorised list of VST instruments and effects with download links and user ratings. It would answer all those “what is the best free VST reverb?” questions. Category: reverbs >click<, sort by: user rating >click< and voila.

and more for renoise.com :P

I’m using some spare time to set up a RNI collection on Jabbanoising.

We will probably start with a restricted number of users choosen by a first-came-first-served method, who will have a little webspace where to upload and share their RNI files.

Those restriction are mainly because of traffic and size limitations, but also because we first have to tune up everything.

If you want to check out what’s going on about this, give a look here.

This page contains what it’s currently under development, so you will probably see errors in it. I know, for now there is really nothing to see.

Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘{’ in /home/napodano/www/jabba/func.inc on line 113

that’s going on! :lol:

I could make some RNI files by sampling some synth shit… !?? someone needs certain samples? like, strings, or basses, or ffx?
let me hear

IT: Why is guitar in “strings”?
When I think of strings I think:

Strings > Synthetic > Warm Analogue >
Strings > Authentic > Orchestral >

I think guitars should be like:

Guitars > Bass > Rock/Metal >
Guitars > 6 string > Lead > Pop >

etc, etc…

that list is just a test.

And, as you see, downloads are also fakes.

By the way, if anyone has a complete list of sample categories, please send it to
it-alien [at] renoise.com