What Wav-edit Software Do You Use?

I use Wavepad, simple GUI, free and small. Oh, and fast! Very fast. :)

I use Adobe Audition 1.5 (CoolEdit) for years now. To be able to use your vst’s as effect processing is so sweet!

I just love Adobe Audition.
It kinda reminds me of Renoise. It’s easy on top, and has lots of small hidden useful features that can really speed things up. :rolleyes:

Is there a way of Renoise to open an external wav editor and when you close it the altered sample is in Renoise? No? Can we make it so? :)

In fact, I did ask this very same thing about a year ago.
would be very nice to have this.


yea, i use audacity too, though I don’t really like it.

I use the shareware version of cooledit 96 for some of the stranger, heavier lifting.

audition. I stick with this program since cooledit 96, it simply feels right for me. (never got used to soundforge …).

to answer to the question: wavelab

I use wavelab also.
but for multi-track recording I use Kristal audio engine:






I find a combination of Audiacity (for a whole project, as it’s a multitrack editor) and Wavepad (for the single files) works like a charm.

wavelab5, feels most convenient for me.

Just Good 'ole Goldwave here.

Samplitude 8.01

But there are some good multitrackers out there nearly for free:




Or use audacity. The only one Ii know which runs in win as well as in linux as well as in OsX


or try

Not for free but cheap.

Prehaps you might want to add


for some issues.

Sony Sound Forge 7.0

Cool Edit Pro 1.2 (v2 is slower than a dea turtle in the desert plus they ruined the ergonomy)…