What Would You Like To See In A Renoise 3.0?

+1 to multitrack recording. I don’t see the need to move too far away from Renoise’s tracker roots, but it would be keen to be able to record multiple input sources to separate samples. Even keener would be a way to sync these samples into the pattern editor while everything is running. (Think live record + looping where a new pattern starts a new sample, or some such.)

I still think this should be possible via a Arm/Record function within the Line In device itself. Somewhere I made a thread about adding these kind of features to the Line In device…

  • render plugin and dsp chain to instrument
  • add DSP fx to instruments (native sampler) not only to tracks
  • automation for native sampler
  • envelopes and LFO’s per sample
  • Automation curves visible and editable in pattern editor (like automation subtracks that can be hidden)

  • Pattern zoom

  • Audio tracks

-Resolution zoom in/out + expand/shrink to not alter pattern length or timing etc( as others have said, PATTERN ZOOM- we want to add hyper snare rolls without changing the resolution and stretching each pattern manually… though I have found it possible with 4 notes per row, each with a value in the delay column of( respectively ) 00, 40, 80, C0- and maybe this could be a way of easily implementing pattern zoom, by calculating and inserting delays automatically),
-Pitch shift effect,
-Convolution reverb( though i want to keep mpreverb for that metallic taste ),
maybe turn the stereo expander into a more robust spatial tool for sound placement? That would be beautiful.
-NO GODDAMN AUDIO TRACKS. Okay maybe audio tracks, as long as they stay vertical and don’t make me wait 6 months for RN3.0 thank you. In place of audio tracks, perhaps if each line of each track would just have a colored background based on the level( colors taken from the new spectrum display ), to give a general impression of where everything’s lining up.
-Also a native sync modulation that works on more than the chorus( i’m looking at delay without the 100% sync limit, flangers, phasers, reverb lengths even, the duration parameter of my granular VST… )

Sorry for such a dense post, I love Renoise so much and I hope all this throwing around of ideas doesn’t distract the devs from keeping up the awesome work.

PS. I love Renoise as a TRACKER. <3

  • Automation (envelopes) + MIDI mapping of DSP on/off states (2.9? ;) )

  • Large editor for Automation + being able to display/edit multiple parameters in the same view.

  • Zoomable Pattern Editor

  • Finetuning of notes as described here: Brainstorming: Piano Roll

  • Display of automation curves in pattern editor and/or pattern matrix

  • More bad ass DSPs :drummer:

Full MIDI support… routing etc.

A good solution for changing songs in a live set.

…and SYSEX support

Oh! And in the LFO device; I’d love to see an exponential/logarithmic LFO, and in the custom editor, let right-clicking the preset shapes(sin/sqr/pls/noiz/exp?) load that shape into the editor? That’d make life alot easier for me. Oh oh! And an Invert option in the LFO, whoa. Pardon my language.

I really want a granular synthesis type instrument like Malstrom. :P

now really,

a file format for a “Sound” - a multitude of dsp chains with sends etc intact on loading
perhaps even include a demo ‘instr’ in this sound.

also the ability to grab an old song’s tracks’ dspchain like you can grab .xrni info out of them

rename ability for columns

better timestretching, e.g. audacity has quite alright stuff

two modes for lfo, uni and bipolar (resp. min/max and offset/amp)
two modes for delay, mono and stereo

dsp fx “blocks” that can be 2x-ed, 10x-ed, 30x-ed
(and especially: have an FX block that can be in between the delay’s feedback loop, like Reason’s new Echo device)

better automation editor, freedom to set point/linear/curve mode everywhere in a pattern (also to edit line/curve points across patterns)

custom wave into ringmod

People who want pianoroll, vertical or horizontal audio tracks, etc: go back to fruity loops.

about the mpReverb: I think the color option is COOL but normally yes i would otherwise have to put it on a send track 0% dry and have some filtering/eqing after…

all +1, but I don’t really get the freeze, cause normally it’s not rendering through the effects on the master track?

nice. should almost be scriptable

great ideas especially insta switch to 8/12/16 lpb (this is scriptable though, and has been done, but it’s annoying work :) with delay values and stuff like that)

Audio tracks.

Having audio tracks doesn’t mean it’s no longer a tracker. As long as the tracker interface foundation is still there.

I’d love to see this upgraded… You know… For the kids!

We now have this: “-”
What I want it to be: “O”

(Surround panning for each track, FYI)
So, instead of having the normal left<->right panning-line on each track, I’d love to have a circle with a small dot inside wich preferably should be automatable (XYpad?). It’s been in Nuendo for like 10-15 years now, so should hopefully be doable.
Surround mastering in Renoise would be a ‘gamechanger’! :walkman:

Statistical data output (something I can copy paste on a text editor).

Manipulation of statistical data.

make a game or two for Creativity in renoise like the snake in Fast Tracker 2 :lol:

a way to organize the samples list. some kind of folding or categories maybe.

Nibbles :)


Whenever I use trackers, I miss sequencers, and whenever I use sequencers I miss trackers. Sooo, definitely piano rolls and audio tracks. Then I’ll never miss anything.

I know, I’m boring, but that’s what I need.

For me:

Multiple automation view

instr automation Learning mode

Audio tracks

i don’t feel piano roll as a priority… i’ve found the need of audiotracks lately just because i’m collaborating with other people and i want to arrange all the parts in renoise and would be great to have a visual feedback (especially if you have 10 or more audiofiles not yours to manage)

Well… now that Calf have abandoned dssi/ladspa… LV2 support for linux. Calf plugins are great! (Yeah I know… it’s been mentioned!) ;) :D

+1 for audio tracks
& delay offsets centered on the beat…

I didn’t think audio tracks would be too bad with autoseek, then I tried actually doing a song with lots of audio… saving was pretty painful.

In no special order:

  1. sample references for instruments (song internal sample pool)
  2. layered instruments
  3. sample portamento
  4. faster instrument LFOs
  5. free editable instrument LFOs, connectable to any instrument param
  6. DSP chain container (referenced by container ID/DSP IDs, not tracks)
  7. unique DSP IDs (for routing by DSP ID instead of track ID)
  8. more logical groove settings
  9. parameter in/out for any DSP (param cables)
  10. sample instrument param automation
  11. key-off device
  12. macro device (to control & execute actions on connected DSPs and/or instruments)
  13. adjustable smoothing of volume & filter devices (on/off + 0 - wutever)
  14. keytracking for any instrument param
  15. velocity tracking for any instrument param
  16. independent single track sub-patterns (transposable)
  17. groove settings per track and/or sub-pattern
  18. re-organisation of params in all DSP, following a standard
  19. multiband compressor + limiter/maximizer
  20. clipping for all requiring DSPs
  21. linear phase EQ
  22. tube/tape saturation DSP
  23. IR DSP
  24. frequency shifter DSP
  25. REX2 support
  26. support of multiple VST ins
  27. Return DSP for Send tracks
  28. multiband distortion DSP
  29. hold loop + release part for LFO device
  30. advanced spline curves for all envelopes & automations
  31. video sync DSP
  32. instrument internal unison FX
  33. continuous/synced mode for looped waveforms

I’m sure I still forgot a lot… ;)