What Would You Like To See In A Renoise 3.0?

Just interested what would you guys like to see in new “full” version of renoise

personally I would like a reworked instruments xrni2 maybe , with different layout for instrument/samples
individual envelopes and global effects/envelopes that would apply to all samples (like global pitch shift or volume control)
new features for slicing - together with automatic slicing by transients, it would be nice to have an option to put markers
for every x-beat , (1beat 2beat 0.5 beat) or probably x-LPB for better integration - really good thing for slicing big takes of guitar, vocal etc (then just destructively render to slices)

adjustable size and freedom of renoise blocks (like track scopes pattern editor and automation) - this combined with dual screen support
so you could have a mixer sliders instead of trackscopes or track dsp!

rack for track - some sort of visualising plugins inserted in dsp chain that would be vertical instead of horizontal where you could scroll
up and down and tweak parameters straight on the Gui of plugins ( this could be shown hidden for every track )- and with dual screen support maybe you
could use a second monitor for tweaking parameters of plugins without need of switching tracks and keeping the global view

improved signal routing
block loop combined with automation zoom in/out

zoomable patterns for better micro / bigscale managment of note data

i would like to see amen and apache make a brave and bold return.

better signal routing. or more, real signal routing for/from vst and native plugins.
maybe zoomable pattern sequence matrix.

is there a managment of micro note data?

Audio tracks. Now THAT would be a full version release! :yeah: :panic:

better everything.

I have three suggestions for improvements in Renoise 3.0.

  1. Audio tracks
  2. Audio tracks
  3. Audio tracks


+1 for audio tracks. And i would love to see some Ableton type time stretching. Including automatic “warp”.

Edit: And a native arpeggiator. If i´m not missing anything.

did anyone say audio tracks already?
and personally some playlist something for live use.

+1 for Audiotrack!

Separate/different length per track! Free length would be the best but a divisible length would also be ok.
I guess for a new major release that should be a good point!

If you didn’t get it in, just send me the source-code, i’ll show you. :rolleyes:

Envelopes for instruments.
Modular Synth section drool
Audio Tracks (I guess :lol:)

Yes, elastique timestretch for the audiotracks!

+1 for the native arpeggiator.

wtf is audiotrack, how does it differ from the autoseek we have now? Vertical sample along side pattern editor note event tracks? Just a visual waveform? Or simply that the audiotracks aren’t kept in ram memory, but streamed from disk?

Well, i believe there are a number of suggestions for how this would work, but the general idea is to have audiotracks visible and editable. Either running along with the tracks vertical or some kind of horizontal solution. Renoise isn´t great for recording and editing audiofiles compared to most DAWs. I use Reaper or Ableton in Rewire with Renoise to amend the problem, but it´s not ideal.

What I’d like for Renoise 3:

  • More view modes for tracks (including audio tracks / waveform view mode)

  • Zoomable pattern editor doubling as a better arranger. Conventional workflow of multi-track editing taken into account (layering automation on “clips” for example)

  • A better mixer view with customizable controls instead of just sliders.

  • More detachability

  • More GUI integration for tools (allowing custom buttons at places, dockability)

  • Better sample editor including “note align” that I suggested earlier and non-destructive point timestretching. Possibly pitch shifting.

  • Pitch-follower meta device and pitch shifter device, for native tune correction ;)

Oh… and doofer device of course. That’s what I hope for in the next release.

With this, do you mean that you´d be able to change resolutions on the fly, so you´re not “locked in” as you are with LPB?

a new splash screen

Automation for sample loop points!

+1 for VERTICAL audio tracks. I do not expect a complete change in how a tracker works. I’d just like to see the waves sometimes, for obvious reasons. They could be superimposed, translucently, on the tracks in the main track editor.

as i write a lot of tunes that have to rely on native DSP for various reasons, my wishlist contains quite a few improvements related to native features and functionality, but is not solely limited to those:

  • improved native maximizer
    improved in terms of implementing an algorithm that prevents clipping during the maximization process.
    currently clipping will always be there as soon as maximization kicks in, but it is only audible in cases, where the input audio has only little to no high frequency content, which would elsewhat cover the artifacts caused by distortion/dsp internal clipping.

  • improved native reverb
    currently, mpreverb colours the sound in a way that is utterly unpleasant. it sounds metallic and “cheap” and things become worse when you decrease the decay.

  • improved native filter
    improved in terms of “automation friendliness”. right now, the only filter mode that doesn’t involve unwanted audio artifacts during (cutoff) modulation is the moog filter. especially the butterworth modes sound awful when modulated on their cut off frequencies. also applies to the 4pole mode in a less drastic way.

  • a native (subtractive) softsynth
    it’s not like there was a lack of freeware alternatives, but a native solution would be awesome for purposes where only native devices are allowed / possible. besides that it would perfect the entire package renoise represents.

  • optionally detachable windows
    have the mixer or the pattern automation view on a 2nd (or even 3rd) monitor? think it would kick ass…

  • automation for loop points
    (aka what Achenar said)

  • integration of VST(i) GUI controls
    like this: you open a VST(i) device, drag a virtual slider/knob/button/whatever in the GUI and a VSTi automation device is automatically created, linked to the respective parameter in the automation list (which can sometimes be very long and cryptic)
    also enables automation of parameters straight out of the external GUI whilst holding a hotkey/shift button.

+1 That’s all I’m really missing. Though I would prefer to see the audio wave in a detachable window like the envelope editor, or a detachable sample view. Also an easy way to import midi notes from .mid files.