What You Listening Atm?

(Arboreal) #21

Plaid - Not for Threes

(A Challenger Appears!) #22

I’ve been listening to Caribou - Andorra and Yeasayer - All Hour Cymbals a lot lately.

(vincentvc) #23

Ovuca - Hit The Gas, sweet track. :)


Right now? Aphex Twin - Cock/Ver10
In general? Winamp Shoutcast ‘CliQhop’. Very entertaining :)

(Void Pointer) #25

Absolute silence.

(Syflom) #26

You Am I

(vincentvc) #27

Albums Come On Primates Show Your Teeth!, Caric Kils & Gonglot by Frog Pocket for the evening… ^_^

(maes) #28

moar spam ((=

  1. sigur rós - [ný batterí #01] rafmagnið búið
  2. sigur rós - [ný batterí #02] ný batterí
  3. sigur rós - [ný batterí #03] bíum bíum bambaló
  4. sigur rós - [ný batterí #04] dánarfregnir og jarðafarir
  5. Aphex Twin - [26 Mixes For Cash CD1 #08] Nav Katze - Ziggy (Aphex Twin Mix #1)
  6. Aphex Twin - [26 Mixes For Cash CD1 #10] Nav Katze - Change (Aphex Twin Mix #2)
  7. Aphex Twin - [26 Mixes For Cash CD1 #13] Nobukazu Takemura - Let My Fish Loose (Aphe Twin Remix)
  8. Void Pointer - Rijst
  9. Pinch_Hitter
  10. Gnomcorps - [Moods Of Summer: Part II. Moon Tales #09] First Brood

(mr_mark_dollin) #29

I know I said it before, but I was listening to the new Xerxes albums and had that very distinct feeling that “this music is the best music I’ve heard in years”. Just brilliant. He’s one of the best.


(BotB) #30

Amon Tobin - Stoney Street

(00.1) #31

Djivan Gasparyan - I will not be sad in this world

on my PSP fat…Armenian Duduk’s are wonderful instruments

Good stuff, gotta listen to it more…

(Padlock) #32

Artist: Datach’i

Album: The Elements

Track(s): LaByRa, Musket Iron, Frayed, False Sentiment

This album is so beyond good. Makes me feel like :drummer:

(happy_milkshake_man) #33

beleive it or not some classical. vivaldi

(Moss) #34

Chick Corea - “Akoustic Band” and “Past, Present Future”
Also, Steve Reich (Ensemble Modern) - Phases - Tehlim 1/2/3/4
Frank Zappa on the regular.
Metro Area
Talking Heads - Remain in Lights
Throbbing Gristle - this track is badass B)
Weather Report
Hit me up with some good Jazz names if anyone knows any, i don’t know enough.

(BotB) #35

Some of my fave albums:
The Manhatten Transfer - Swing
Cab Calloway - Hep to the Jive

Furthermore, I like:
Charly Parker, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Louis Armstrong

But do share what you listen! There’s so much jazz, it’s easy to get lost…

Currently listening Tom Waits - Blue Valentine… it’s blues, which is almost jazz ;)

(Denim) #36

haha :lol: it looks like the two ones to the left are really proud of their arms, stretchin’ em like it’s no tomorrow (?)

(Moss) #37

I be loving that album long time… I’ll be def checking out those names…
If you haven’t already heard it - Miles the self titled album is bang tidy, it’s got john coltrane on it too.
Also, Robert Glasper (i chose this album cos it has Chris Daddy Dave drumming on it)
Femi Temowo - The Pilgrim (although the rest of the album is pretty nasty)
Esperanza Spalding - The Peacocks


(TMT) #38

:drummer: and :guitar: channel on Digitally imported

(Achenar) #39

Cynic - Traced In Air

Prog rock/metal with high-pitched vocoder vocals. Easily my my favourite album of last year, this was the band’s first release in 15 years and the increase in songwriting maturity shows, with it being simultaneously technical and catchy. It’s less experimental and quirky than its predecessor, but imo it makes for a more complete sounding album overall.

Adam’s Murmur

(dfast) #40

Art of Noise - The Holy Egoism of Genius , from my all time favorite album ever released. Glad they put this album on Spotify now as well.