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(The Empty Self) #1101


it seems this Rrose artist its a bit of a mistery !!! :walkman:


(lettuce) #1102

Calabash is a great and under-rated hand percussion, better than cajone in my opinion.

I think it will go quite well with some types of electronic sounds.

(gentleclockdivider) #1103

It’s dutch …( country above belgium :wink:

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(lettuce) #1106

That was amazing dude. So many variations on fibonacci rythms were provided. Good inspiration.

I love the sounds of the mridingam and tabla in indian music.

(Paul Buck) #1107

I would love to find some examples of the fibonacci sequence done on tabla. Konnakol is awesome, but tablas are the bee’s knees!

He’s having so much fun in this video.

(lettuce) #1108

Darbuka ( egyptian tabla ) also sounds great with electronic sounds ( when played well ) and its quite tuneable, also a little easier to play than indian tabla i would say ( indian tabla takes 15 years or so to learn ). But Those kinds of ‘very precisely pitched’ drums often sound better alongside electronic sounds than say, djembe, congas or bongos ( djembe, congas or bongos are great too, maybe they sound better with traditional band instruments, more bass, tighter slap ).

Sorry for waffling on and on but traditional aftrican instruments with tines are nice with electronic instruments too…I like Mbira, ( but I like the clean sounding oness without the rattles on them ). Yeah this song is a bit random, but i love it and it showcases Mbira nicely.

I remember there were some shops in london which sell nice things like this, ‘hobgoblin music’ and ‘rayman music’.

(Paul Buck) #1109

The “Throw Down Your Heart” documentary with Bela Fleck is a really awesome chance to see/hear some amazing African music. The thumb piano players are very impressive. The giant marimba is my favorite though.

I think tabla is awesome in electronic music, but I wouldn’t want to try and program it. I know I wouldn’t do it justice. I would use samples though!

(lettuce) #1110

Africa has some amazing dance styles as well. Check this video, somewhere way out in the country, The almost kungfu style dance, better than any breakdancer ive seen at breakdance competitions. Mad energy.

Its cool the way peeps get down in places where there are no big ‘nights out’ or whatever. More community vibes, everyone knows each other.

Reminds me of this video. Its not so sampleable or whatever, just a load of people getting together to sing for fun, but the kid dancing in the middle made me laugh, so cute.

Also cant forget the epic hat twirling dance ( im not really feeling the tune so much, but the dance is cool…hat twirls )

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Listen to Hawaii-Core by K.T.A. #np on #SoundCloud

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Someone say Tabla

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I dont like this song.

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whirrs for days through my head

nice bassline / bad earworm

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this one gets stuck in my head


(Redman) #1119


Nasty acid. Clean production and sound design to.

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