What You Reading ATM?

There is already a “What You Listening To ATM?” thread.
There is already a “What You Watching To ATM?” thread.

So why not having a reading thread?

Not necessarily related to music.
Even if what I’m reading ATM is a book related to music.


I’m also reading a bunch of Philip K Dick books and that’s cool too!


Itzhak Bentov - Stalking The Wild Pendulum

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Nice topic. I love reading, I am a fan of George Orwell’s writings, the last book I read was Shooting an Elephant. I even wrote a short essay on this book, if anyone is interested, you can click over here and read it. I will be glad to any criticism and meeting of like-minded people who love George Orwell

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Cool topic! I’m currently reading a great book about outsider musicians called “Songs in the Key of Z” by Irwin Chusid.

It’s a little dated nowadays because some of the subjects have passed away since its publication (Roky Erickson, Daniel Johnston, Syd Barrett, Captain Beefheart… damn, it’s crazy 'cause those are some of the better known outsiders…) and also Jandek has since performed live and opened up a bit to the world at large but it’s still a great resource to find some way outside the box musicians.

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I like this tread! i read a lot
I ve just finished a nice Isekai, and i m starting the Red Mars Trilogy.

Ps i ve a blog where i add the book I am reading here, it s in italian but title are mostly english and you can reckognize the “Stars” for the rating

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And was this mental game of EMP?

Pretty scary but essential read

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