What You Watching ATM?

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Title says it all.

Dunno if this has been done before but seeing as how there’s a “What You Listening To ATM?” thread I thought it’d be cool to get a “What You Watching ATM?” going on to.

I’ll get the ball rolling. Found this documentary this evening randomly on youtube and it’s really fucking good. It’s about homeless dudes collecting beer cans for a living and racing shopping carts down the hills of North Vancouver, not your average documentary but it’s well shot and paced. Definitely worth a watch.

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Renoise forum… the “What are you watching ATM?” topic to be more precise.

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ok… why not… so… i’m watching:

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Bastl Instruments

Fuzz Pedals (Death by Audio built great Stuff)

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Renoise forum… the “What are you watching ATM?” topic to be more precise.

That is pretty cazy as i was doing the same thing. Gotta be some paranormal shit.

ok… why not… so… i’m watching:


Awesome! Lot’s of…naked men

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Oh shot I’ve actually seen this before, someone used it in a fanmade video for an Amon Tobin track. Always wonder what it was

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I think there is an hour-long version somewhere online. Stop motion style can be nicer to zone out to than modern CGI somehow. like the monster in coneheads and stuff like that by phil tippett.


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Jan Svankmajer


La Jetee (12 Monkeys)


This post is sincere. Not sure what it is like nowadays, back then they didn’t have any issues of showing kids a treble or bass clef (even in the key of B major/G# minor). I remember when I first saw those funny/strange musical symbols (didn’t understand…okay still don’t) but I knew it was somehow artistic.

I also watched Franz jump off the Eiffel Tower…

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this was an annoying argument on a hong kong bus occuring in 2006 and filmed. Later, the guy was well known for a while.

Somehow its interesting to me. I prefer the argument style of the guy sitting back

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