What'S A Good Vst That'S Like A Yamaha Motif?

I’m new to making pc music. I sold all my hardware to go smaller. I’m so
used to banging on keyboards. so I got a small
midi. but is there any vsts that like a yamaha motif and has instruments in every category? including drums.

I’m new to all this so I really don’t know but I need a nice option of sounds in order to start working and something as close to a keyboard synth as possible would be great.

Colossus is supposed to fill the same gap as a workstation.

thanx alot guys for all your help

Not exactly the same, but you could download the Free Kore Player from Native Instrument’s website, the eventually get a sound expansion. It’s properly organised and easy t browse.

oh one question the whole is in japanese how do I know where the download link is? lol