What'S Going On With 2.6?

I would like to know… how far has the development gone for Renoise 2.6? I want to know what’s going on in there :D

from what i gather it’s in alpha stage and it’ll probably be with us soon.

Well you don’t have to wait for Santa to bring it to your chimney this time, that is for sure the only thing i can tell you about it.

It will take a while for me to figure out the meaning of your post… I’ll have to think a bit.

The good news is the date is fixed!

The bad news is I still don’t have a beta. :)

december 24th here I come!!! :dribble:

december 5 please.

okay, let’s get this puzzle going!

We don’t have to wait for santa claus, because this was a reference to 2.5 beta release.

fixed date, “Today was fixed, but now it’s broken.” this is from the 2.5 sticky thread posted yesterday.
So we can discern it either was the ramblings of a loon or an insight from someone who was on the team that knew the date, however it seems to have gotten pushed back.

from both of these, I think we can start getting excited.
timing is always key in doing anything, unless you don’t subscribe to that notion.

riddle me this!

what do you guys think, pretty close?

Here is another riddle for you all:

near a tree by a river
there’s a hole in the ground
where an old man of aran
goes around and around
and his mind is a beacon
in the veil of the night
for a strange kind of fashion
there’s a wrong and a right


I’ve been using Renoise 2.6 for a few weeks now, I found it in a bar in Redwood City, 20 miles north of San Jose, California. I must say I love the new piano roll feature!!!

Encoding Joyful Mist


I want it too!!


Well, it doesn’t look like you would fit into the alpha team unfortunately.

I need more puzzles to these pieces.

2.6 runs on iOS 4 beta and has a piano roll. I don’t think we need to know any more… finally it’s going in the right direction. :lol:

If I get one million clicks by next Monday, I will buy Renoise and reveal all secrets.

Offer expires Tuesday.

im sooo looking forwrd to the day this hits beta stage

Unfortunately due to porting complexity and platform limitations we had to remove every other feature. So renoise 2.6 will run only on iPad, have pianoroll and monophonic single oscillator sine synthesizer.