What'S Groove Settings?

I’ve never understood what this does.
I visualize it as when all sliders are 0%, bpm remains a total constant, like a straight line in time.
then adding percentage to a slider gives that straight line in time more a look of a drawn cityscape or a bunch of hills. which one would it be?
I’d like to know that so I could use the delay command instead.

i read this

Now I do understand it enough to do what I’ve been trying to do, so that’s very nice.
I’d rather write with delays, so I could understand what I’m doing much better but I’m not sure of the calculations involved yet with using the delay command.

Either way, I’ve been wondering how people get that certain timing with beats for a long time.

Say for instance you were using a song with 150BPM, 4LPB,

groove settings set to:

0&1 = 0%
1&2 = 100%
2&3 = 100%
3&4 = 0%

in an 8 pattern line, how would the delay command work here?

I type this out to copy over for anyone that wants to show what this should look like:

C-4 … … 0dxx
C-4 … … 0dxx
C-4 … … 0dxx
C-4 … … 0dxx
C-4 … … 0dxx
C-4 … … 0dxx
C-4 … … 0dxx
C-4 … … 0dxx


also, I noticed we can turn the groove setting on and off with the pattern command F4XX,
but how can it be automated so I can get to it with an LFO?

can’t be done.

Somewhere there is a thread that goes into it in quite detail, I think it was started by BitArts, but I had a quick search and couldn’t find it for you…

groove settings are fun to play with. would help to at least be able to turn them on and off and maybe be able to set them at different values throughout the track, wouldnt care as much if they were able to be automated but you could do some funky stuff with that if it’s not too difficult to implement.