whats the best controller

what is the best controller for renoise ?

QWERTY keyboard…

…and Evolution UC-33 for faders and knobs.

There’s no “best” controller. But there are lots of good ones. Have you seen the MidiFighter stuff coming out of djtechtools.com?


I’ve had one for a few months now, and it’s quite fun.


Just get something you can plug straight in by usb and is a reasonable size for your space situation. Shouldn’t have to pay more than 100-150 bucks. I personally like a 49 note controller (using an m-audio keyrig 49) because it’s a good balance between enough room for 2 handed play and not being hugemongous. I also have an 88 note controller but I only use it to lay piano.

There is no best controller for Renoise. The best controller for any other DAW would also be the best controller for Renoise, if it existed, but of course that doesn’t exist either. Find what’s best for you and your situation. You can spend anywhere from $50 to several thousand dollars on a controller.

I recently acquired a M-audio 88es and i really like it. I got it for a really good price because it was broken, but i fixed it =)

I started out with a MPKmini, which I still use. Perfect for starters, well back then for me. I also had a lot of fun writing advanced controller stuff in the LUA API. Now I got a NanoPad2 added to it, and I’m actually looking at multiple controllers, some for better (Renoise) composing (e.g. Maschine), some DJ style controllers for using with live situation (either with or without Renoise).
So look at your budget and get, like someone already said, a 2 to 4 octave keyboard with some knobs and faders. Notice from the 10 or so that you then select that are available at your local webshop (…) what the differences are, e.g. the MPK mini I got does not have modwheel&pitchbend, which I don’t care for using renoise but would’ve missed if I bought Reason.
Also if you got a store in the vicinity it doesn’t hurt to go and see some controllers, check the sizes you know like if the keys aren’t too slim etc.