What's the best DAW in the world today?

Music Radar poll vote now!

Might be an idea to link to whatever it is you’re referring to? :)


The best DAW is always that program that you use the most and give the most comfort.
This is as always very subjective :)

I voted for us today.

Everybody knowz u can make teh phattest beets in fr00ty l00pz.

The best DAW is the marriage of multiple DAWs.

Voted renoise

You will not get to know whats the “best Daw” from such a poll, you will only get to know whats the most widespread Daw.
Most people have not tested all of those Daws and used them for a time long enough to be able to answer the question.

Yet another braindead poll. Didn’t vote.

nope, without a doubt that’s the absolute worst DAW

same reason the homer mobile isn’t the best car

i bet you’re the sort of guy who deliberately clicks the cascade windows function for that sweet sweet computer janitor workflow

The “marriage of multiple DAWs” simply means that one stops waiting for the ultimate DAW and instead see the benefits of using many various tools to achieve one’s goals.

The cascade windows function… never used it. :P/>

ahh c’mon you shouldn’t take those lisst about best daw , best vst etc…seriously .
They are a load of crap …

+1 to the maximum. (Renoise + Reaper for me)

the right poll name should be: “which DAW do you use?”

i did i think someone removed the link and i just edited the post and added the link and its still not showing up

Agreed, who in the world is going to vote for something other than what they use?

“Well, I think Renoise is technically best, but I personally use Sony Acid because I like to make things hard for myself”. … lol :w00t:

Renoise + Reaper
also for me.
this is THE combo :)

Congrats on top ten.

  1. Studio one
  2. Reaper
  3. Renoise

My list. And Renoise is the only one i feel comfortable with so far.