Whats the FT2 FX mode / Edit Mode

what is ft2 mode??i presume its sumthin to do with the amiga…what is the difference in this mode???

Well, they make the pitch slide / offset commands behave differently… XD

As for the pitch sliding, just try it out! But I’m pretty sure the new way is better, so unless you need it for compatibility reasons I’d say just forget about that one.

thanks.basically i dont need it…

'xactly :D

maybe it could be moved to the far right of the song properties, and given a heading that communicates this fact more clearly?

Or remove it?

…or are there still ft2 users?

I still have a few xm’s I intend to revisit one day, but I kinda agree… it’s good enough that all Renoise versions up to now support it, at least for my purposes (it’s actually overkill haha, even Renoise 1.5 would be enough)