What's the use of the MIDI Output Device?

What does the mode do?
I really thought this version would up the usability of my Reaktor ensembles but it doesn’t. It really doesn’t. Just made the live looper so that it lights up the launchpad… to sadly find out it’s impossible to make work inside of Renoise.

You mean InstrumentEditor/Midi/OutputDevice?
Well if you have a Midi Interface with different outputs you can select the output to use, in order to control/play external hardware synths.
Indispensable if you want to use hardware synths.

If you want to use reaktor I think you have to go with ReWire to connect, maybe a search in the forum may help.

yah, you need to use loopbe or midiyoke to make ‘virtual’ midi output devices, and link them up to your reaktor ensemble

Try copperlan and link with a VMidi port, i suspect that will work fine.

I want the MIDI data that comes out of the VST (Reaktor) to go to the launchpad. I’m actually gonna try out other apps, no matter how much I like the current environment I really can’t progress without this.

Well the only workaround that could perhaps work would be something with OSC. Since in Reaktor, when it’s in its VST shell the only possible MIDI out is ‘plugin’, ie, send midi data back to host. A very logical ‘limitation’ imo. And since there’s no standardized way to send notes over OSC, I’ll have to come up with some small ‘server architecture’ in pd, processing, or even C (perhaps, now I think of it, OSC to a renoise lua tool might be the easiest / most contained). But alas before I get really sad I’ll check out other packages to see if this setup is actually supported in other products…

Would opening up your reaktor project in standalone reaktor (instead of vsti version) open up more control possibilities?

Well, I found out that Reaper at least enables a VST(i)s midi out to go to hardware. I have yet to find out if it will send to other VSTs…

[edit] I typed that ^ response before I read Djeroek’s
It definitely would. The only way I knew it basically worked was because I built it in standalone mode. But the latency I’ve experienced trying to connect Renoise output to other applications (I’m on windows :() makes it unusable.