Whats You History As A Music-listener ?

Well, I was born in th UK during 1977, after the death of “the king” (thank goodness, not god). Who else is a jubilee baby?

At around the age of 5-ish my mum bought me my first 7": Paul McCartneys “frog song”, loved it, until it got melted on the platter by the sun through a window… I cried for what felt like days, but was only probably a few minutes.

I was given a few tapes by my uncles as I grew up, which included Chris Rea, and other random rock stuff, as well as listening to a few Mike Oldfield and Jean Michelle Jarre here and there, which sparked a bit of passion for music from me. I moved in with my nan around this time, and was lucky enough to acquire bigger pressies like my Amstrad CPC464, and was fascinated with sampling itsy-bitsy snippets of sounds, which were generally useless. So I started code writing music using the trusty SOUND command, and data arrays, and finished some simple, but effective melodic instumental pieces, which are long gone now.

In ‘89, my guru friend “Bones” started ranting about all this new rave music malarkey, he was also into a lot of Mike O, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin and the likes, which I then heard a lot more of. Tunes like Bizarre Inc’s “Plutonic”, and Tigers in space caught my ear, and of course, the release of the Prodigy’s (still kickin’) experience. :eek: Music from the Reinforced label, Moving shadow etc developed, and curried my favour.

After this, I got an Amiga, got into tracking along with a couple of mates, and started composing stuff, I didn’t have an amp, so using car boot sale parts (often encased in lego chassis’) had to suffice. I got moved into a 14ft by 8ft shed in the back garden because of the noises I was making. I also hung around the local underground record shop, and was taking my amiga in to show off what I was doing. I also learnt loads there, but was still completely oblivious to the world of intoxications (apart from the odd bit of puff) :P

Then my mum died…

Now you could say this is where I went off the rails, and started to fly

Learned about MIDI, and built up a setup, followed MED 1.3 to OctaMED SS 1.3 and haven’t turned back since (although I’m awaiting a Beta of 1.5 before I consider porting over). I now listen to all kinds of music, and was thankful that the likes of Paul McCartney, and Chris Rea didn’t affect my tastes. Now, I generally like big PHAT breaks and grunty synths, festivals, run-down warehouses/hospitals, buttons & knobs, wires, reefers, biscuits and especially partying.
I now compose a variety of electronic dance stuff ranging from ambient to full on D&B (My fave), finally got a tune pressed, and have DJ’ed in plenty of places, as far as Milan. I’ve held a few of my own nights which involve me & my mates (esp Viewfinder) playing our stuff out live to peeps, they like it, and even dance on occasions, especially to the bootlegs, so it can’t be that bad. Anyone wanna tell me what they think? Take a listen!.

could have been Ozric Tentacles?

check them out (my favourite albums: “Pungent effulgent” and “Spirals in Hyperspace”)

no, it´s progressive spaaaaace!!!

but if you´re into ozric, i recom to check out hidria space folk (don´t let that dodgy name bluff off you). there is their first EP for free on net ->

http://www.hidriaspacefolk.st/discog.htm (HDRSF-1 author´s edition)

…and i dare to say that it´s even better than ozric tentacles

bommm, robert

Yes I know it’s not reggae; actually it’s called “space rock”, but anyways: I’m currently checking Jidria Spacefolk because Dixan of Spinning Kids told me about them. Will check them better, but at the moment I think Ozric are still better :)

sindran rastafan

I will check that, but I think not because it sounded very 70s.

as this topic has something to do with Ozric Tentacles, let me show your these pictures of a concert I’ve seen on last friday in Rome:
Ozric Tentacles and Balletto di Bronzo (italian progressive rock band from '70s).

A marvellous concert :drummer:

In the early years I listened to Elvis, Boney M and Shakin’ Stevens :w00t: That was, because I only had those vinyl-records. After that, I got in touch with those old breakdance-tracks and from then on, I was addicted to techno and euro-dance music. My first CD was “Serenity” by Culture Beat.

Later, I preferred the harder styles like Hardcore, Gabber and Acid. At that time, I began tracking on my good old Amiga. There I tried out Octamed and started to listen to the tracked music by Interactive, Dr. Awesome and other trackers.

In 94, I got my first PC and I was totally in love with X-Tracker and the music by Radical Rhythms (especially Bomb20, DAC, K303 and Vivid). I installed Cubic Player, rendered everything to wave and burned it on CD. I also bought some of the MAZ-compilations just to listen to Scene-Music.

Since 2001 I buy vinyl again and since 2003 my preferred music style is hardstyle, trance and bigbeat.

The worst record I ever bought is “Looking for freedom” by David Hasselhoff - that is from the time, when every kid wanted to by like Michael Knight…