Whats You History As A Music-listener ?

okay, this one is for the 25±years-old only, sorry.

While I was “redecorating” my room yesterday :D I found some of my old punk- and technotapes and had a great time listening to them, so I would like to hear the music-story of other people ?

Like for me, since I had no older sister or brother and parents which almost never listened to any music I had to develop my own musical taste, so until 14 or so I mainly listened to “the charts”, then I had a huge punk-phase, after a few years I suddenly got hooked up on techno (round 1992). then d&b came around and from there I kinda got stuck in all this breakbeat stuff, from downtempo/hiphop up to D&B. now I mainly listen to old jazz/funk and a few selected “modern” artists, most modern stuff bores me though.

so did you have a time in your live when you listened to stuff that you got disgusted with later ? (I guess some cure-fans will pop out here, hehe.)

Well, my parents never did (and do) listen to music, but I have a four year older brother that tought me to listen to synth. Then all the other kids in my class listened to synth (you know, in the era of synth vs. hard rock - at least here in Sweden this was the big thing in the 80:s). First memory I have of music is when I was playing with LEGO and listening to Kraftwerk :) First record I bought was “Please” with the Pet Shop Boys. Then from 9-10 years of age I was all into Depeche Mode for many years. Had a period of listening to much Laserdance and Koto before I got in to techno and later raves.

Still like EBM and synthpop a lot and techno in many forms. Actually I quite like silly eurodance, you know Aqua et al (which I probably will be bashed for saying :) ) But mainstream house (i.e. DJ Tiesto) and EBM (VNV Nation and so on…) are probably the favourites now. But I’ve become an “all-eater” when it comes to music nowadays. I like (rock)pop like U2, No Doubt, Kent, Metallica etc. Also softer music (Air, Goldfrapp, Deep Forest and Café del mar stuff). My newest favourite is Reggae… don’t understand why I never listened to it before!? But I will probably get over it… :)

Music I have a hard time listening to is actually jazz and classical. Don’t know why. Never given it a real try. But… back to the question. Music I listened to and can’t stand today. Robotico Rejecto and some other crappy electronic bands is the only I can think of.

I was lucky in terms of my brothers and sisters. I am 29 at the moment and have two older sisters close to their mid forties and an older brother.

They were very much into Black Sabbath/Ozzy, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, Cream, Rush, and dozens of other classic rock/heavy metal bands.

I listend to mostly classic rock until I was approximately five or six.

When I was around the age of six I began listening to the radio and going to local skating rinks where they played tons of electro. I think that’s the first time I really heard anything electronic and I have been hooked ever since.

My favorite song as a little kid was "Egyptian Lover"and I also played “Electric Kingdom” to death. At around the same time I was listening to much of the early hip-hop and I even recall TRYING to breakdance.

Couple years pass and I had a hugh number of hip-hop bands under my belt. I continued to listen to classic rock and my brother since he was older and had money introduced me to Iron Maiden (amazing), Metallica, Megadeth, etc.

Around this same time I started incorporating punk into my listening. I was/am a huge fan of the Misfits (original band with Glenn Danzig not the new stuff), Circle Jerks, Murphy’s Law, Suicidal Tendenties, D.R.I., Agent Orange, etc.

When I was a kid around the same time my sister was into new wave and generally old school alternative. Industrial was also taking up a bit of my listening too.

Someone poked fun at The Cure. Great band. Listened to them yesterday. Depeche Mode rules, The Replacements, Housemartins, They Might be Giants, Violent Femmes, etc.

Shortly after began listening to Skinny Puppy (amazing), Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, etc.

New genre appeared on the scene and I was all over it and that’s death metal. Took a chance at a local record shop and picked up “Death” the band that started it all. Sepultura followed along with misc other Death metal bands. Listening to Vader, Bathory, and others now.

Ok finally… In the very early 90s I remember the rave scene becoming quite big in South Florida. I picked up some super cheesey Rave 'till Dawn cd and I remember liking it. I think it had to do with the hit of L.S.D. I took prior to listening.

I also remember going to a local record store and picking up The Prodigy’s “Experience” on cassette! That single album is still one of my favorite all time albums.

I stuck to mostly breakbeat techno, gabber, hardcore, in the early 90s. A friend introduced me to Jungle and then I later became a huge tech-step fan.

I know typically make tracks with a drum 'n bass feel. Well not all of them.

I have left out a ton of music. Oh I am a huge listener of opera and classical music as well.

And I failed to mention the fact that I love jazz fusion. Too many styles clouding my brain.

That’s it for me. Anyone else have a headache?

P.S. - Went to the Rush concert last Thurs night! The best…


crap, playin out loud 24/7!!!

Well, I think I´m to young for this topic but I give it a shot anyway:

Short Listener Biography:

  • somewhere around with 3 years (my parents told me) I´ve happened to be a totally “Jennifer Rush” fan. That must have been looking quite funny because every time when one of my parents laid a LP on the turntable I was always sitting in front of one musicbox.

  • After that I got a faible for Childsmusic (who didn´t?), well somewhere around the age 6 - 7,8 (?)

  • Then I got (finally) influenced by my brother who had an amiga and I was all the time listening to demo- & gamemusic (preferbly Turrican B) ). Of course I´m still doing this today. :)
    Besides that I listened to much mainstream stuff at that time: Dance, Pop, Techno… errr… well, DJ Bobo, Ace of Base and many one shot artists at that time.

  • and finally with 11 or 12 (I really dunno) I was hooked by the trance genre until now which I prefer the most :)
    Besides that I also enjoy listening to D´n´b, Techstep and calm stuff like ballads or jazz.

i used to listen to alot of my dad’s classical, my sister was a huge Nina fan, and i had a thing for the German rock charts until I was about 9.
When I moved to the US in 1988 I got into Michael Jackson, still listened to alot (mostly classical music though).

I got into BBSing in 1990 and started listening to MODs (i made tapes =] ) i didn’t know that music like that existed outside of computers really, so i listened to MOD music and Mendelsohn, Handel, Dvorak and Beethoven. For a long time exclusively.

In 1991 i started watching MTV and got into Grunge music. The fist record I ever bought was Core by Stone Temple Pilots (wicked record).

In 1992 i went to my first punk show at a run-down rowhouse in Baltimore (“The Loft” for the savvy) and I found that all my notions about disliking extremely LOUD music with people screaming where totally unfounded. Moshing is a beautiful discovery at age 13.

In 1994 a friend played me The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails. I was really into it and got turned on to Industrial Music and started listening to Skinny Puppy, NIN, Pop Will Eat Istelf and then:

1995 Marylin Manson… ugh! i’m tempted to say “what was i thinking?” but really, the older stuff was really funny and twisted. now he’s just a jackass.

1996 well, ok, this is around the time that i first tried acid… my newly awakened psychedelic consciousness favored:
The Orb, Underworld, Skinny Puppy, The Future Sound of London, Jungle, drum 'n bass and motion picture sountracks.

1997 Funk. Massive Attack (Mezzanine, still best work to date), Portishead, Tricky. Started getting exposed to Warp Records (Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher) and …

1998 Ninja Tune - i’ll admit i came late into a love of Hip-Hop and Jazz but, I like to think, I came correct. Cypress Hill, Wu-Tang (36 chambers is the best record the RZA ever made) Shadow Records and Santana (?!wtf?)…

1999 I met the drummer for my band and he turned myself and some of my co-conspirators onto Psychedelic Era Jazz Music (Miles Davis).

2000 More Jazz savvy and still in love with Ninja Tune.

2002 Started going to vinyl shops and buying up old avant garde electronic music (alot of stuff on Nonesuch Records) so strange and… cool faves are Morton Subotnik and Charles Wuorinen.

Since I’ve pretty much been all ove the place. I like to listen to Aphex Twin, FSOL, John Coltrane, Acid Mothers Temple (Japanese Acid Punk, I got into that just this year), I pretty much listen to whatever strikes my fancy. I can’t stand about 90 percent of what’s played on pupolar radio. Hooks in music kinda bore me.

Remember me to post here something in two years.

I am sorry if I offended someone with that age thing. Please post whatever you wish.

Hehe, the older they get, the longer the history… And the more drugs, the less they remember. Like, “I listened to kiddie tunes and shit, and then I heard techno, and then I was here wriethging this shit”.

Ehm, or sumthing. (NOT thinkin of ANYBODY posting here!!! Seriously!!!) :rolleyes: <- my fav smiley, hehe…

Aaaanyway, so, my music…

Started with me flippin through my big bro’s tapes, I had a tape recorder and recorded some crap voice-acting over his tapes. Exept Jean Michelle Jearre, which I LOVED TO BITS. May have been 6 or sumthin… He had some soft stuff like Mark Knophler too, but that was too boring. After that, I just listened to whatever was happy and bouncey on the radio, 80’s pop was neato! Stage Dolls too… But then, I heard Prodigy’s Experience… And was lost in that!!! Bought Jilted, didn’t like it too much at first but got into it and dug that. And Soundgarden. Luved it to pieces!!!

Then it was on to the net, listening to traxx mostly. tokyodawn, LoK, FM, UCP and more… Funny how some of the guys who inspired me back then are here on this forum. :D

Anyway, somewhere sometime I went to the library in Bergen, Norway (where I’m from) and started borrowing CD’s. They have an AMAZING collection of varied electronica, and I learned that ambient was amazing that way… Kraftwerk snuck up on me somewhere along the lines too, and now I’m an electromaking kinda freak.

There’s more influences in there somewhere, but the point is: Tracking got me off the chartlistening! :D

Well… I’m not disgusted by my old music taste… I listened to both synth-pop and heavy metal as a child (i’m 30 years old in nov) but the first song that really drew my attention was melancholical Shake The Disease by DM :) I mean this song really made me wanna make some music myself :)

[0…15] => nothing (thanks father!)

[16] => discovered tracked music and metal

[21] => discovered progressive rock and classical

[23] => discovered jazz

[24] => contemporary classical

now I’m 27 and listening to electronic, metal, progressive rock, classical, jazz

Before I was born… when I was still waiting inside of my mother, my father insisted for having her (and me, as a direct consequence) listening at least 1 hr of classic music… playing from a turntable that was the most technologically advanced tool at my place.
This Classic Music full immersion lasted for at least other 10, 12 years.
J.S.Bach was my all time favourite (I had also this amazing “switched on bach” from Walter Carlos that I played till the vinyl was able to stand the weight of the needle) but I was used to listen to W.A.Mozart, L.V.Beethoven, Rossini, Albinoni, Scarlatti, Verdi, Vivaldi, Ravel…

When I first went to school I had to face an army of drooling idiots whose culture wasn’t rising above the ability of spelling their names.
This had a very hard impact on me.
I tried to study their musical habits and found that there were almost no traces of any real musical culture. It was truly hard to mentally conceive that not everybody are interested in music.
One of em was considered quite “strange” because he had this tape from an Italian author (Eduardo Bennato)… and at that time I had to say that was pretty good.

First non classic music (apart from autor’s music) I ever heard was a weird album from OMD that contained Enola Gay… and of course an entire collection of the Beatles.

From that I evolved into realizing that there was a form of modern music and compelled myself to learn more about it even if most of the modern music was sounding like pure crap.
At that time the first music video were coming out in tv… so I suppose I got fashinated by a lot of single tracks from the 80. A lot of em were there for a month or two… but one thing was there to stay… and it was the absolutely cool and unheard way of mixing words and metrics in “Rap Music”.

My younger brother then came to me with an entire collection of metal music ranging from Iron Maiden to Ozzy Osbourne with all a set of modern nuances (WASP, halloween, anthrax, metallica…) and all a set of old nuances I did not appreciated.

I had two friends at that time listening to a LOT of Mike Oldfield and I definitely got hooked too… and SteeleyeSpan with him… and so a lot of other pop/folk music from Simon and Garfunkel to Pentangle, J.Taylor to Joni Mitchell and so on…

At that time the first Amiga managed its way to me.
I was totally blown away by “Blood Money”… the first “demolike” production I have ever witnessed with eyes. I bought an Amiga and in a few I was producing (and listening) mods…
As weird as this might sound… mods opened me the way to funky and generally, to black music.

They also introduced me to Queen, Dire Straits, Jarre… but only much later they started to have some relevance for my productions.
The first album I bought with my own money was “Paul’s Boutique” from beastie Boys… and I still thank myself for having bought that tape.
( I was and somehow AM quite poor, so that was something )

Actually I listen to almost everything… or a I try to. I seem to be unable to cope with:

  1. Old metal-rock.
    I simply can’t stand LedZeppelin or Deep Purple or any other variant. I can’t really tell if the suffucated lead singer is screaming in agony or is trying to sing… or trying to sing while screaming in agony. The result is not pleasant, anyway.

  2. FreeJazz.
    I can’t stand when I don’t understand if the player is trying to play the instrument or rather he’s trying to break his last record of number of notes played in a single minute regardless of the melody that comes out.

  3. Ska.
    I feel as the only correct environment for ska (and other form of similar music near to punk… and also a certain ridicolous stream of Progressive Rock) is when I’m at the circus and I’m watching clowns dancing and jumping.
    Out of the circus, ska (and other zoom-pah-zoom-pah) sounds to me as “out of place” and ridicolous. When I hear Ska music I’m used to ask “Are the clowns coming in soon?”

  4. some Progressive Rock
    Expressing something regardeless of music measures is a great idea… if you really have something to say and there is no way for you to say it except THAT peculiar way. Beginning a song forcing yourself to use at all cost uneven and weird measures… as if confusing the listener was the main goal of Prog music… well… this is just plain stupid.

Hey everyone,

When i was about 12 ( 1992 ) i got into music starting with a mix of oldschool dance and britpop/brit rock.

As i got to about 17 i went more into the dance territory, got into drum and bass ina big way. ALso like good early trance, prog house and anything breaks-ey.

Now i like a wide variety of rock/dance stuff, old enough to not be too purist like when we’re teenagers :rolleyes:

As for what i try to produce, its mainly breaks stuff and drum and bass, but i like decent house and progressive too. Not that i’m any good at it you understand!

Hey parsec, I’m with you to the school years, grew up with classical!

And oh boy I was looked down to because I dissed all the hippie-the Doors/JimiH-shit and popular hip-hop dominated music culture in mid-late 90’s. “You just don’t get the music”, they said, “Unbelievable, you have been playing violin for 8-9 years and don’t get a shit about music.”

HAH! Suckerf****ersidiots!

umm… :unsure:
Sorry for opening up… I have some bad stuff in my head… :unsure:

Anyway, I have mostly up to age 16-20, not sure, enjoyed more making my own music than listening to anything that other people have made.

That’s all. Show’s over. Go make music. Or whatever. :rolleyes:

:lol: :lol:
thanks for opening up man! :)
Bad stuff in your head? Nah, that remains bad as long as you fear it and avoid thinking about it. When you let it out… you might even go wrong… but at least you learn how to go with yourself… with that part of yourself you don’t know.
Knowing yourself is by far the best choice you can do… so that knowing… you learn to accept that things are continously changing… and you are changing along too.

About the music: let me tell ya, when I -wanted- to learn what “musical world” existed outside of me… it turned out to sound much “Easier” than the one I was used to perceive and consider as music… as if I could take just one small bit from the millions of movements from any classic tune… and build a different “modern track” for each bit.
Every song based on tight loops, repetitive beats, it sounded all so easy that I asked myself how could earthlings accept such poor creativity spirit… but you know what? If this means that it will be more easy for me to set someone happy or sad or romantic or trippy… just fine… then I’ll be able to do better than many others with less efforts.

As far as I am able to notice, this continues to be correct up to these days

Read: in the land of blinds… those missing one eye are kings! :lol:

My taste was moulded by my older brother who was always blasting out acid house and happy house in his room and when he gave me lifts to places in his car, unfortunately I went down the eurodance/house route as afetr listening to years of early/primitive dance i went for the more “fat” cheesy melodies.
My brother however is now a total rocker and would probably deny ever listening to a single piece of dance music… :drummer:

Yep, you could be right Parsec. I should get my head together.

Now excuse me, I got some life to live.
Thanks man.

I cant stand reggae. No matter how drunk/stoned/openminded I am, I cant cope with this music, it bores me, except for a very few live-songs from tosh or marley (get up stand up played live by marley is okay).

however, last year I heard some kind of instrumental reggae stuff (no, not dub, it was played and not just thrown together in a mixing-board or something), but the DJ was too much of an asshole to give me any info (he just refused to tell me anything about it) and I liked this very much.

Looza, that was my mistake, sorry.
I actually wanted to sound funny but it turned out wrong.

At the age of nine or ten istened to 2 Live Crew (on a very low volume), Beastie Boys and stuff like that.

When i grow older, like 15, i was dedicated to punk and hardcore music. I experienced U96 / Das Boot at that same time.

Later on i started to listen electronic music as Depeche Mode, Grandmaster Flash (Tracks like Scorpio and his hit track which i in this moment cant remember the name of, wicked), Kraftwerk and older stuff like that. I would sooner listen to Aphex Twin and Autechre and found the pure electro stuff (Like AUX 88, Dynamix II …)

Then i tooked a turn into noise musik, harsch electronic industrial.

Now days i listen to alot of electro (Mostly Bunker Rec., electro from finland …), techno, industrial, ambient and post rock (Sigur Rós, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Explosions in the Sky …) xD

I have always loved SID music, demotunes and chiptunes and stuff.