What's your average track count?

Just curious… I feel like my average track count is always low. 12 - 18 tracks at the most (includes sends/returns)

I would say 16-20 excluding the FX tracks (which I haven’t used that often yet). But it depends on the music style. It can go up to 40 in some cases. I just try to keep it simple. Less is more. :wink:

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I usually end up with 30-40+ tracks as I layer many instruments.

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Is your music on SoundCloud?

I’m thinking around 16 tracks including sends/returns in the final file.

While I’m working though. There are tons of instruments and tracks in the file with ideas that I’m trying.

max 20 tracks for me but i ve seen my cousin going up to 100 making psy trans

I’d say 12 to 16. It’s usually low, but I tend to favor simplicity in my creative proccess so it makes sense.
Edit: okay, I went to check on some of my recent tracks and the average was 20. I guess I was underestimating just a little bit.

Up to 100, though I usually put individual DSP and samples on new tracks (i.e. having seperate tracks for different hats, individual tracks for different type of FX) mostly for faster workflow, faster on-the-fly changes and more/easier automation of FX parameters. Here’s an example project:

example Renoise