What'S Your Favorite Cake?

what’s your favorite cake?

Spacecakes. yum :lol:

seafood is more healthy though.


Vegan Chocolate Cake.

space with a little bit of chocolate. ^_^

red velvet and carrot.

a good carrot cake will have nutmeg in the icing. the nutmeg makes the roof of your mouth tickle, and if you eat enough, everything will tickle.

My brother is my favorite cake… (Everybody calls him a Fruitcake anyway)

I don’t like cake. Maybe there’s something wrong with me.

Cheesecake. None of the other cakes can really compare.

Cakewalk is nice.


Pie should kill Cake and take its place in society. Pie is far superior. By the way, if you answered cheesecake, it’s not cake, it’s really pie…just think about it.

PF cakes


[center]“some people like cupcakes better… i for one, care less for them!”


I caked this morning and it wouldn’t flush.

Cherry Pie!

Chocolate icing, chocolate, chocolate filling. CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE!! :dribble: