What'S Your Favorite Piece Of Hardware That You'Ve Integrated

Looking to expand my gear list a little bit and wondering what types of hardware forum members have integrated in to Renoise as controllers. What are your favorites? Links to details are much appreciated!


ive had had some different hardware,my favorite bits i think,was my yamaha rm1x and su700 sampler,but i have sold all my hardware,and now im using renoise with a novation nocturn and launchpad.

and it works great for me

I’m actually considering the identical set-up… Torn between the Novation Nocturn and the 49 SL Mk II.

Have you played with the Akai APC40 at all? (http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/Akai-Professional-APC40-Ableton-Performance-Controller?sku=580885) – Wondering if it’s compatible with Renoise 2.6.

haveent tried the apc,i have no need for it,the launchpad is all i need(i dont play live)

Nice. Well, I pulled the trigger on the launchpad. can’t wait to play with that thing.

Would you mind helping me out getting LaunchPad working in Renoise? I think I’m missing something here. Or a link where there are instructions?

[center]I use my Korg Electribe EA-1 and before I got my Korg Kontrol49 I used the Electribe as a midi controller aswell… The patterns i made along with the samples I had would make some pretty bad ass sequences and the overall compatibility was pretty fun. This is when I first started using Renoise basicly and had a BLAST. =D.


Have one of the Novations. The keys feel great, but forget about using the transport controls. Screw automap, honestly. I’m selling mine and going for something else.

Edit: Though if you do want it for cheap, I will sell you mine.