Whats Your Favourite 'supermarket' Pizza

Living in the UK and loving my pizza’s and pasta just wondering what your favorite pizza’s from the supermarket, I quite like the goodfellas la bottega (the base is so nice) and dont mind the pizza express ones, but i only like chicken as a topping :dribble:

I like to get the freshly made ones from Asda’s deli. But yeah… chicken pizza ftw!

Pizza express fo’ sho’. Expensive to the point of being a ripoff, but all the other supermarket pizza’s bases are so dry and full of preservatives they can barely be called dough.

Freschetta, Tombstone, Digiorno, all pretty decent

nothing like fresh Pizza Hut though

gnarly protter’s recipe #667

1 frozen pizza (plain cheese)

1 cup additional cheese of choice (pref good mozerella)

arfloads of whatever else you want to put on the pizza (peppers, garlic, insects, etc.,)

chop up and put ingeredients on pizza

put cheese on top

cook for a couple min longer than normal.


can’t beat the classic “norwegian” grandiosa :)

This thread is pretty localized… :) the only name I know of all mentioned here is Pizza Hut, and it is not a supermarket pizza.

I enjoyed a lovely Chicago Town Take-Away style pizza last night which had a tomato sauce stuffed crust…

I think what made it nice was that it hadn’t been pre-baked…

Ristorante, no question about it.

build your own pizza by getting a pre-made base such as the amen pizza base, or find your own breadmaking recipe from an old vinyl lp.

then you can either use tomato puree which you spread on top, or you can make a tomato sauce to go on top using real tomatoes or tinned + some fresh basil, corriander or other herbs. pre-pulped amen tomato puree works straight out the tube and it tastes pretty good, but taking the time to apply EQ and gating to real hardcore gabba tomatos is the way to go.

use mozarella for the hardcore bought pizza cheese effect or just copius amounts of cheddar for that old skool bassline (niche) flava.

then you can add any topping you wish such as chicken, mushrooms, peppers, chilli, spinach, ham, more herbs, more cheese, ragga mcs, whatever. you can even do the baked bean breakfast pizzas they used to sell. its disgusting though, baked beans muddy up the frequencies.

chuck it in the oven and its done in about ten minutes. make 2 simulatenously so you can eat one tomorrow or later that evening when you are drunk and need another dubplate for the starving junglist massive.

if you can be bothered you can make a more mashed up base for the pizza in the style of remarc, it adds alot of time and you need to prepare in advance but can be worthwhile. make a really thick breadlike bass which soaks up the tomato sauce you made for hardcore junglist amen brother pizza. slow down the cooking time and use more tomatos for dubstep pizza action.

if you want it even quicker and you have no base, get some slices of 4x4 bread and grill one side. spread tomato puree on the other side, grate the cheese, shuffle some mixed herbs, sped up vocals and get busy ragga toasting. add tobasco sauce, crushed chillis, jalepenos, and some dancehall flavors for an intense 400% heat experience. pizza toast takes about 5 minutes to make, so you can do another round when you realise everybody in the place wants more.

aye, thats some global ghetto-tech pizza right there.

That was brilliant :dribble:


Anything thin crust with low trans&saturated fats… olive oil ftw. Of course, the tomato sauce must be full of win… and good toppings is always nice too. …and Boo to MSG.