What's Your Most

Thought a poll could come in handy ^^

Voted routing environment here.

But still, the feature I miss the most is being able to copy/paste audio from Renoise’s sample editor to and from an external sound editor.

I posted a topic about this in the ideas forum a while ago. Didn’t generate much interest. I was actually quite surprised no one else seemed to need this.

Weird idea, i’ve never thought about it. Why do you need it so much? Is there some feature in your audio-editor that renoise lacks? Perhaps you should ask for that feature to be implemented. I think the renoise audio-editor could use improvements ^^

Well, I’ve been using SoundForge for 7-8 years now and know my way around it perfectly. With it I can do whatever I want done in a fraction of the time that I’d spend doing it in Renoise’s editor. I feel home with it, in a way. :)

I’m not sure about the specifics in implementing this but seeing as pattern data goes into the system clipboard it would be simple to make audio data go in it as well.

For now, I’ll go and give my +1 in the mix-paste idea, 'cause it’s one of the things that I do quite often in SoudForge.

enhanced way of handling patterns…? please enlighten this ignorant soul :)

i dont know what to vote excactly,because all of it,is something i would like to have in renoise

Well, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Because as I see it, virtually all of your suggestions for features in various threads expose a lack of a sense of hierarchy: an implicit answer to the question “what is most important and why?”.

Sure, it would be great if everything that 3rd party solutions handle today were natively handled by Renoise. Who would disagree with that? But the thing is that the time resources for the developers (i.e. taktik) are extremely limited. So, let me ask you a personal question: can you list the top-10 things you think would enhance the workflow, things that DON’T involve stuff that 3rd party plugins already handle?

My most wanted feature would be zoomable patterns to achieve higher resolution.

double your bpm = twice as much resolution

well we know all why this is not the solution.

Because you also need to double the speed-factor :P


What exactly means “A routing enviroment” btw?

check this thread


where is PDC? ;)
votet for 1st option though, since it’s the only selectable poll-option i actually do miss of those which are listed here.
even though “routing environment” might do the same to my undestanding, because sending midi notes to FX implies a overhauled routing system to my undestanding, so option 1 seems to be implied by option 2 (?).

Something like a modular patchbay where you can interconnect MIDI / AUX and slave options like ReWire.
If there would be one extra panel called “communication” that allows you to connect (vst) instruments and / or effects internally with eachother and / or connect them to external hosts through MIDI or ReWire this would solve a whole lot of problemswith VST effects that respond to MIDI messages or VST-Instruments that can or have to exchange MIDI messages to other VST plugins (Like the Melodyne plugins).

Possibly in 2.0 or 2.1

I’d need Latency compensation above all. Apart from that it’s all good imo. Some workarounds necessary for certain results (side-chain), but I don’t mind those :).

PDC(which will come in 2 or 2,1 huuuurraaa)

but i voted for the first one,even if i would like to see the other features too

If you are all, then okay… but please explain why that is NOT the solution.

i think its because a lot of the users have already voted and posted their fav. feature and written down most of the ideas.
‘sometimes’ its like everything is repeated.

a routing environment = modularity, gets my vote.