What's your setup to record midi events?


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I’m looking for a pleasant way to record midi in real-time in renoise, because sometimes I like to play things as I imagine them instead of analyzing and passing them step by step (this is what midi recording is made for I presume)…

Given I’m terrible at piano (I’m working on that, but the progress is kind of slow), it can take me dozens of retries to get the thing up to my expectations, and I have issues with renoise’s way to handle midi recording.

Indeed, as I do when I record instruments in samples, I’d like to have a way to set a loop through my patterns and retry my recording as long as I don’t get it the way I want it, but with renoise, if you set this loop and begin to play, when you get back at the start of the loop, what you previously played also start to replay (as expected I should say), and there’s no way to retry but stop everything, delete, and retry…

Is there any trick to handle that type of recording ? I thought that recording to phrases that pops for each loop could record every attempt into separate phrases and I would be able to cherry pick every things I find useful, would that be possible with a external tool ? (even if it’s not already existing, I could try a little lua script for this POC)

By the way, are you happy with renoise midi recording, and if not, how do you handle it ? Do you use external tools a little more handy ?



My routine:

I have a track named “MIDI”, and use to record MIDI in from an Akai MPK mini.

Sometimes I use a regular instrument (one or another piano thing), but I’ve also set up specific instruments to send MIDI out on specific channels.

I have a MIDI splitter and a number of devices on the other ends. I then route the audio from these synths back into my USB audio device (UA-25 EX).

Most often I will have some existing tracks in place, and might duplicate/clone them to give myself some room. I then record onto my specific MIDI track.

If I like the results (perhaps after some note editing) I’ll play it back and use the built-in sampler to record the output of the MIDI device. Often I’ll tweak knobs on the synth as it plays.

I then trim a bit of latency off the front of the recorded sample and name it something descriptive. Most of the time I also slice it and such, and use the slices in the final piece.

If I’m using a sample-based instrument I’ll copy the notes over to another track.

There’s a tool named AutoClone Patterns that will endlessly duplicate track patterns as you record, so you can just play around for a while. I sometimes use that as well. That would allow you to essentially loop while not overwriting what you’ve already recorded.

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Thanks a lot ! This seems to be efficient ! I’ll try to copy you :wink:

Oh that would do the trick !! Big Big thanks !

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