When 2.8 ????



what awaits us in the new version renoise?

You’ve should have known by now that the developers don’t release any info before (beta) releases .
I think we’ll see a next release around november ,december …only following my gut feeling …

too early for Christmas time!

You get that feeling from experience ^_^ A big reason why I’ve loved christmas the last many years.

I just do not want this to be a regular new plugin. renoise has a lot of problems related to more efficiently work with an arrangement. because right now а pattern matrix its just toy. and i want folder track. and I do not have enough visibility when the project consists of a large number of channels


it’s time to do everything to resolve the most important problems.

sorry for my tone

well, i don’t really care about those. i want cool new dsp effects. moar sample editor-options. randomize everything. a pimped up spectrum analyzer. all sorts of stuff. everybody wants something different. when you leave decisions to the people, there will no decisions made. that is why we have and need the dev-team, and you gotta trust them. frankly, if you cannot trust the people that brought you the awesomeness that is Renoise, you cannot trust anybody.

If I would not trust, I would not buy a license

So then, even more reason not to discuss 2.8 before it’s released?

Think about it. I can say anything I want. Then when I release it, it was all a lie.

Trust. A two way street.

this is just my thoughts.

the all famous, dull but yet best awnser: “when it’s ready.”

Is it ready yet?

Why don’t you start the lol-cat campaign again?
Though i don’t think it will work that much this time as taktik has become a bit immume against the irritation levels of these kind of posts.

Me, lolcats? B) Nah man, curious sure about what will be coming, but I’m happy enough with 2.7. Patience is a virtue!

I heard people are still using 1.9


2.8 will be called iRenoise. Only for iOS devices and Apple computers. :(

my intel tells me Renoise 2.8b will be out November 15th. Also; invisible everything!

Invisible release date: :badteeth:

LOL! My stomach hurts from laughing now… thanks td6d.

hahaha tears in my eyes here, thanks man.