When adding VSTs only a fraction of the added VSTs show up. Plus other funky stuff

I got a couple of VSTs I wanna add.

#1 I open up Renoise.
#2 Hit Ctrl + “,” for Preferences.
#3 Go to “Plug/Misc”.

In other DAWs I just select multiple paths and that’s it.
But I read that Renoise support 2 paths because it supports 2 paths.

#4 So I created a “VST Plugin” folder where I copied all VSTs.
( C:\Program Files\Renoise 3.4.2\VST Plugins )

#5 I click “Browse” and set the path to:
C:\Program Files\Renoise 3.4.2\VST Plugins
I also tried out my desktop path:
C:\Users\C\Desktop\VST Plugins
I also tried out scanning my whole C:// drive.

#6 It scans and finds all the VSTs that I copied into the folder.
I can see this via the status task on the down-left corner.
But I can only use a fraction, like 1/10 of the plugins.

So far I tried clearing the cache, installing Renoise new,
checking of course if I have the newest version (Renoise 3.4.2 x64), different VST plugin paths, googling the problem, and searching on the forum here as well, I tried it with running the app in admin mode and without admin mode.
I tried every option in the “Plugin/Misc” tab in the VST Plugins window from: Checking and unchecking “Enable VST2 plugins:”, “Additional VST2 paths:”, “Enable VST3 plugins”, “Rescan previously failed plugins”, “Scan for new plugins on startup”, “Run all plugins in sandboxes (arrow to the right separate process)”.
Checkinr or unchecking those boxes led to the same result in the same amount of time and so on and so forth.

As for the plugins themselves:
I know they work in FL Studio and Cubase.

I’ll add a video pretty soon because I heard this helps the troubleshooting progress.

#1 I also tried moving the .vsts directly into the VST Plugin folder so Renoise doesn’t have
to dig through folders of subfolders.
#2 By doing this I realized that by scanning plugins Renoise kinda randomly copies .vsts
to funny directories.

I found the Kia.vst in a FL Studio plugin folder. I didn’t put it there.
I found that ReDominator.vst was in 3 or 4 different spots at the same time.
But what if I wanna scan the plugin? Does Renoise duplicate the plugin so it can say:
Sorry, duplicate I don’t touch that.

I will post the video tomorrow.

Here’s the video:

VSTI synths & VST effects are found in different places in Renoise;

VSTI here in the instrument editor;

VST effects in the bottom left of the screen;

  • since the last update you can add >2 vst locations.

I could bet the not found plugins are the VST3 ones. You have placed them in a custom VST folder. But VST3 must be in “C:\Program Files\Common Files\ VST3”. This is the system’s standard VST3 folder where most DAWs will search for VST3 plugins. Not all DAWs support searching in custom VST3 folders. This standard folder was set by Steinberg, because all their own DAWs like Cubase or Nuendo are set to search there for VST3 plugins. And because Steinberg is the owner of the VST technology, all others also are forced to follow their rules and have to place the VST3s there. Just a few DAWs don’t follow this rule and let you also choose custom VST3 folders. If this really could be your issue, then try to place your VST3s in to that folder and let Renoise scan your plugins again. If you look a bit closer in the VST settings in Renoise you can see that it says “Additional VST2 paths”. So i think all the not found plugins are the VST3 versions and Renoise just’ll search for them in the default system VST3 location.

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OK, I am able to see now more instruments. But there is still quite a lot missing.

I still have to see why Renoise is copying .vsts at free will when I scan for new plugins.

Alright, a couple of things:

#1 I hoped so dearly that I wouldn’t be one of the RTFM-guys, but I totally overlooked the Plugin tab for whatever reason…

#2 I was also asking the ABL support because of this issue and the support suggested that I leave the VST files in their directory as copying them to a new directory might break them maybe.
This would force me to the folder synchronization programming thingy that might do more damage
then good for a noob like me.

#3 This brings me to the point that the original files are all in all 2GB big.
Copying them to:
C:\Program Files\Renoise 3.4.2\VST Plugins
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
Makes all of the files 6GB big with twice as many duplicates.

#4 Either with or without the
“C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3”
path, I have the same amount of plugins left.

#5 It’s enough but still uncool that a lot of them are missing.
In Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas, for example, I can add everything.

#6 Is everyone using different plugins or are they using a different platform?
Or is nobody asking around? Or are they using any plugins at all?
Is there a list of supported Plug-Ins maybe?

Like I mentioned above with screenshots, Renoise displays Vst effects (reverbs, eq’s, filters etcetera) en vst instruments (synths) in different places in the gui.

Renoise will never ’ physically’ move or copy plugins around randomly on your computer. Renoise has a bunch of users, whenever someone reports missing plugins here it is because they don’t know where to look in the gui or haven’t set directories correctly / misunderstanding the process. Reading from your posts it looks like you have done a lot and it is hard to read where the problem lies exactly.

The ABL support is right, it isn’t smart to move plugins around manually, cutting and pasting at free will, after installation. Especially with paid wares the plugin can install data files in one location and the .dll in the plugin location and moving stuff will mess up registration/dependencies and the plugin will no longer work.

Users here have and use tons of vst(i)s. What vst(i) isn’t showing up for you where you expect it to be? Try to pinpoint the problem.

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out:

As of the latest Renoise version you can add >2 folders for plugins, but imo it is best to have some kind of strategy when installing them. (For example keeping 32 & 64 bit plugins separate)

I wouldn’t have to do this if more than 2 folder paths would be acceptable.

I saw Ableton also has only 2 paths, because.

I tried everything that comes to mind.
The next step on the pin-pointing letter would be learning to write and read code and get together
with Renoise developers and the developers of the plug-ins and doing debugging work.
I’d rather use my Renoise copy for something different.

Thank you. I didn’t watch the video before. Nice stuff to know. Though it didn’t add much to my problem.

Had to remove this part since my statements where wrong.
Everything works.

I’ve mentioned this somewhere above already, but since the latest Renoise version it is possible to have more then 2 vst(i) folders available;
You see where it says “Add” in the screenshot? Here you can keep adding additional folders where you keep plugins installed.


Oh my god… I finally get it.

OK. It’s possible.

But somebody made the decision to make it optically as confusing as possible.

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