when changing scales, make "z" the new base note

When experimenting with scales, would it be possible to set the pattern sequencer so that z is now the new base note? It seems to make the most sense to me - if there’s already a way to do this, I’d love to be enlightened as to how! I tried adjusting the sample by semitones, but that doesn’t actually adjust the base notes on the pattern editor.

Perhaps, say, when you pick the key that the scale is in, it simply “rotates” the piano on the keyboard to that new note?

I rely on seeing those notes to know where my harmonic progressions are headed, and where they’ve come from, and I’ve always hated starting on, say, the m key if I want my tune or just my key change to be within that key.

regardless, amazing release and keep up the awesome work!

You can use the [/] and keys to shift the octave range, in that case the C-4 will shift one octave lower or higher on the keyboard so you can make it end up on the Z-key.

simple. and effective. <3

I thought you meant transposing so that Z corresponds to the root of the scale…

I don’t know how Renoise should interpret that if the octave range is already shifted (meaning the z-key already no longer represents the default C-4 key)
If Renoise would shift the base-note to make it correspond, the effect may be actually working averse of what you desire (your offset starts an octave too low or too high after the correction)

An octave would probably still be an octave???

yeah, what I initially meant, but seemed to miscommunicate was I want z to be the tonic or base note of the scale that i’ve chosen for a specific instrument. I find, since i’m left-handed, that before 3.0, I was writing a lot of tunes in c minor, and I’d love to change that.

The ability to lock notes to specific scales makes the process of modulating between keys much faster, but being able to assign z to the tonic of whatever scale I’m in would be very helpful :)