When do Midi-mapped Parameters Get Recorded As Automation?


When a parameter is mapped to a MIDI Controller Change, and the song is in record mode, changes to the parameter caused by the CC get recorded “as if the slider was right-clicked”. Even if “Record Controllers” is turned off in the config. This is kind of annoying, as I’m writing a plugin that sends CCs to Renoise (I will post it on the forum later), and I don’t want the CCs to get recorded. I want the changes to be applied, but not recorded. As if I had left-clicked the slider.

If it’s intentional, an option to turn it off in the config would be really nice. Mods can move this post to the feature request forum then.

I’m on Linux.

PS: maybe this is related to this post but that one doesn’t involve MIDI.

Edit Mode On: CCs changes/Mapped params are recorded.
Edit Mode Off: CCs changes/Mapped params are not recorded

A pity that this is not obvious. Should we maybe trash the right clicking on the GUI sliders behavior and let them behave the same way?

Yes, that’s the current behaviour.
What if I want the CC changes to be applied, but not recorded into the pattern? Can that be accomplished somehow?
People have the same problem when using the jUltram plugin for sidechaining. I’m writing a similar plugin for Linux. The plugin sends CC changes continuously, as long as its input volume changes. So when I play the pattern, then change to record mode, the CC changes get recorded into the pattern and trash the automation.

I prefer the current way the left/right clicking works btw. It’s obvious enough.

please don’t remove the right click slider/recording! I use that plenty!